2017 MRDA Championships

Hosted by South Wales Silures and the Men’s Roller Derby Association, the 2017 MRDA Champs take place outside the United States for the first time in Cwmbran, Wales.

This is also the first year that MRDA held Playoff tournaments prior to the Champs bracket. Playoff #1 was held in Toulouse, France the weekend of July 29th-30th. Five teams participated there with the Toulouse Quad Guards and Manchester Roller Derby advancing to Champs. At Playoff #2 in Richmond, BC, Canada seven teams played for the final two spots in Wales which went to the Philly Hooligans and Austin Anarchy.

We will post scores here and on Twitter and look for updates on the Facebook event or on MRDA’s Facebook pageWatch online here!

G1: 9:00 BST/4:00 EDT
#8 Vancouver Murder vs #9 Manchester Roller Derby
Final: Manchester 200-174 Vancouver

G2: 11:00 BST/6:00 EDT
#7 Roller Derby Toulouse vs #10 Philadelphia Hooligans
Toulouse 249-125 Hooligans

G3: 13:00 BST/8:00 EDT
#6 Puget Sound Outcasts vs #11 Austin Anarchy
Outcasts 205-162 Anarchy

G4: 15:00 BST/10:00 EDT
#1 St. Louis GateKeepers vs #9 Manchester Roller Derby
GateKeepers 352-83 Manchester

G5: 17:00 BST/12:00 EDT
#4 San Diego Aftershocks vs #5 New York Shock Exchange
Aftershocks 207-81 Shock Exchange

G6: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT
#2 Bridgetown Menace vs #7 Roller Derby Toulouse
Bridgetown 266-83 Toulouse

G7: 9:00 BST/4:00 EDT
#3 Southern Discomfort vs #6 Puget Sound Outcasts
SoDisco 308-96 Outcasts

G8: 11:00 BST/6:00 EDT
#8 Vancouver Murder vs #10 Philadelphia Hooligans
Vancouver 270-69 Hooligans

G9: 13:00 BST/8:00 EDT
#9 Manchester Roller Derby vs #5 New York Shock Exchange
Manchester 186-123 Shock Exchange

G10: 15:00 BST/10:00 EDT
#7 Roller Derby Toulouse vs #6 Puget Sound Outcasts
Toulouse 336-162 Outcasts

G11: 17:00 BST/12:00 EDT
#1 St. Louis GateKeepers vs #4 San Diego Aftershocks
GateKeepers 204-133 Aftershocks

G12: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT
#2 Bridgetown Menace vs #3 Southern Discomfort
Menace 233-123 SoDisco

G13: 9:00 BST/4:00 EDT
#10 Philadelphia Hooligans vs #11 Austin Anarchy
Hooligans 192-171 Anarchy

G14: 11:00BST/6:00 EDT
5th Place #7 Roller Derby Toulouse vs #9 Manchester Roller Derby
Toulouse 200-163 Manchester

G15: 13:00 BST/8:00 EDT
#8 Vancouver Murder vs #11 Austin Anarchy
Vancouver 217-139 Anarchy

G16: 15:00 BST/10:00 EDT
Juniors Exhibition Bout – Jaguars vs Snow Leopards
Jaguars 156-79 Leopards

G17: 17:00 BST/12:00 EDT
3rd Place #4 San Diego Aftershocks vs #3 Southern Discomfort
Aftershocks 241-151 SoDisco

G18: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT
1st Place #1 St. Louis GateKeepers vs #2 Bridgetown Menace
GateKeepers 181-156 Bridgetown

2018 MRDA Champs MVP’s
Blocker: Spin Diesel – St. Louis GateKeepers
Jammer: Fish – New Wheeled Order
Evan Jones Sportsmanship Award: Bravehurt – Toulouse Quad Guards


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