2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3 Photo credit: Phantom Photographics. facebook.com/PP8136

The first three consolation games of the day were hard-fought and exciting with each team battling through to their very last jam of the weekend. Minnesota Nice got their first win of the weekend to leave the tournament in the position they came in at, while the other two games resulted in seeding upsets.

9th Place: #9 Minnesota Nice vs #10 Dallas Battalion of Doom: 241-155

To get to this Sunday morning game, Minnesota Nice lost to the #8 Saint Lunachix and #3 Brusie Crew while Dallas Battalion of Doom took losses to #7 Rocket Queens and #5 Rumble B’s. MNRG’s Nice kept a much cleaner game today than yesterday morning, which enabled them to hold strong defense formations and send pivots Poysenberry Pie or Brutal Brit away to help the jammer. Possibly feeling refreshed after some beach time, the Midwesterners were smiling and having fun from start to finish.

Both teams traded lead and a few points in the first few jams, while the team who got out second passed or stashed the star. Then a 14-point power jam for Minnesota took them ahead 24-3. Dallas crept back, first tying it up at 31 with a few power jams of their own and pushed ahead by 7 points. With 15 minutes left in the half, 29 points put Minnesota back on top, and they continued to push their lead until 19 more points by Moose Definitely nearly doubled up Dallas’s score at 121-63. With Minnesota jammers sailing over apex’s they entered halftime ahead 145-75.

Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

While Minnesota had a small sample of the Aqua Army fanbase in the venue, Dallas yelled from their bench “DO THE THING!” and continued to play hard despite the score gap. They found some momentum in the second half, and a string of lead statuses narrowed the gap a bit, but they still had a ways to go with 16 minutes left in the game. Sweeping Booty and Karmen Getmeh split their time between blocking, offense, and taking star passes, but as the clock began to run out, Minnesota was able to match points and maintain their strong lead.

Both teams finished the way they entered the weekend with Minnesota Nice taking 9th at 241-155 and Dallas Battalion of Doom taking 10th place.

7th Place: #8 Arch Rival Saint Lunachix vs #3 Tampa Bruise Crew: 241-202

Both these teams had previously beaten #9 Minnesota Nice this weekend and to arrive at this 7th place game; the Tampa Bruise Crew lost to Denver Bruising Altitude and Angel City Rocket Queens while Saint Lunachix lost to Rose City Axles of Annihilation and Atlanta Rumble B’s. Seeding and Tampa’s point spread against MNRG would lead one to think a win for the home team was in order, but Arch Rival brought the consistent strong game they had played all weekend. Penalties weighed heavy in this game, however, with power jams and blocker penalties on either side often changing the momentum.

Blue Storm continued to speed through the pack for points, but as Arch Rival began to pull away, Tampa mixed things up and put Splatypus out to jam. Both teams employed braced three walls with a focus on defense and were limited to how much offense they could pull off with blockers coming and going to the box. This put a lot of the work on the shoulders of the jammers, and if there was a power jam for Arch Rival, it was usually Hakuna Renata jamming for the Saint Lunachix. By halftime, the Saint Lunachix built up a 72 point lead, 142-70.

Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

Tampa’s back tripod defensive force form the jam start benefitted them in the second half, holding tightly to jammers and aiding their jammer in getting out first. As they gained momentum their fans grew louder which seemed to help them strengthen even more. After the first seven minutes, the Bruise Crew closed it to a 37 point difference. As Tampa capitalized on Arch Rival’s missteps, the pack started to get frantic and jams got messy and chaotic. The Saint Lunachix tried to save a blocker from fouling out later in the game with another successful Official Review, but they still lost two blockers to penalties.

The score stayed in Arch Rival’s favor but seesawed through the second half as the Bruise Crew grew closer, things would switch, and Arch Rival would pull away again and erase their gains. Despite Tampa’s hunger for another win, Arch Rival sealed their 7th place finish with a 241-202 victory, putting Tampa in 8th place at the conclusion of the weekend.

5th Place: #7 Angel City Rocket Queens vs #5 Atlanta Rumble B’s: 226-180

Angel City beat #10 Dallas Battalion of Doom and #3 Tampa Bruise Crew but only lost to #2 Gotham Wall Street Traitors by 53 points. Atlanta lost to Texas first but went on to beat Dallas and #8 Arch Rival Saint Lunachix. This game opened up with Human Missile Crisis earning lead status and points as most of their games seem to have started this weekend, but Angel City was also able to sneak in three points. The Rocket Queens spent most of the game matching Atlanta in points whether they stole some with late Rumble B call offs, or let jams go long to waste the clock. Either way, it seemed they had control of the game with a solid back tripod and a quick offense move that helped their jammer push out of the front of the pack.

After Angel City’s seven-straight lead statuses put them ahead 61-18 with 20 minutes left in the first half, Human Missile Crisis somehow defied gravity and got out of the pack first, putting momentum back in their hands. Atlanta tightened it up to about a 30-point difference, one that maintained for most of the game. Block Lobster dominated lead status for the Rocket Queens, but Atlanta’s fortified defense had Angel City field Psycho in the star more often this game, a jammer who used power to get through the packs. By halftime, Angel City led Atlanta 110-80.

Photo credit: Phantom Photographics

Photo credit: Phantom Photographics

Shortly into the second half, neither team wanted to budge, and a jam went for the full two minutes without lead, despite Angel City losing two blockers to the box and an Atlanta blocker trying to bust them up. The Rocket Queens gave up a handful of power jams in the second half, but their blockers put in good work to kill those penalties and hold Atlanta at a deficit that only got deeper as the game went on. The Rumble B’s utilized their timeouts wisely to extend the game and get as many points as they could, but Angel City took them down 226-180 to take 5th place from them.

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