2017 B-Team Champs Central

Hosted by Tampa Roller Derby, this year’s B-Team Championships is taking place October 6th – 8th and consists of the top 10 North American B-Teams. This Hostile TACOver of Florida has teams seeded into a single-elimination bracket resembling the WFTDA Playoff format of years past with a full consolation side. 

Check out our weekend preview by Muckety Muck and if you couldn’t make it to the Wrecking Hall, watch the action all weekend online. Here’s the archive of Friday and Saturday as well as the links for Sunday: 9th place game, 7th place, 5th place3rd place, and 1st place.

The schedule below is listed in Pacific Daylight Time. Check back here and on Twitter for scores and we’ll have recaps of each day as the weekend progresses.

Day 1 Recap
Day 2 Recap
Day 3 Recap
Day 3 Recap – Medal Games

G1 10am:
 #8 Arch Rival Saint Lunachix vs #9 Minnesota Nice
Saint Lunachix 182-179 Nice

G2 12pm: #7 Angel City Rocket Queens vs #10 Dallas Battalion of Doom
Rocket Queens 336-56 Battalion of Doom

G3 2pm: #3 Tampa Bruise Crew vs #6 Denver Bruising Altitude
Bruising Altitude 251-105 Bruise Crew

G4 4pm: #1 Rose City Axles of Annihilation vs #8 Arch Rival Saint Lunachix
Axles of Annihilation 401-77 Saint Lunachix

G5 6pm: #4 Texas Firing Squad vs #5 Atlanta Rumble B’s
Firing Squad 233-99 Rumble B’s 

G6 8pm: #2 Gotham Wall Street Traitors vs #7 Angel City Rocket Queens
Wall Street Traitors 203-150 Rocket Queens

G7 10am:
 #9 Minnesota Nice vs #3 Tampa Bruise Crew
Bruise Crew 271-97 Nice

G8 12pm: #10 Dallas Battalion of Doom vs #5 Atlanta Rumble B’s
Rumble B’s 260-116 Battalion of Doom

G9 2pm: #1 Rose City Axles of Annihilation vs #4 Texas Firing Squad
Axles of Annihilation 195-107 Firing Squad

G10 4pm: #7 Angel City Rocket Queens vs #3 Tampa Bruise Crew
Rocket Queens 286-87 Bruise Crew

G11 6pm: #8 Arch Rival Saint Lunachix vs #5 Atlanta Rumble B’s
Rumble B’s 144-113 Saint Lunachix

G12 8pm: #6 Denver Bruising Altitude vs #1 Gotham Wall Street Traitors
Bruising Altitude 205-100 Wall Street Traitors

G13 10am 9th Place: #9 Minnesota Nice
 vs #10 Dallas Battalion of Doom
Nice 241-155 Battalion of Doom

G14 12pm 7th Place: #8 Arch Rival Saint Lunachix vs #3 Tampa Bruise Crew
Saint Lunachix 241-202 Bruise Crew

G15 2pm 5th Place: #7 Angel City Rocket Queens vs #5 Atlanta Rumble B’s
Rocket Queens 226-180 Rumble B’s

G16 4pm 3rd Place: #4 Texas Firing Squad vs #1 Gotham Wall Street Traitors
Firing Squad 177-138 Wall Street Traitors

G17 6pm 1st Place: #1 Rose City Axles of Annihilation vs #6 Denver Bruising Altitude
Axles of Annihilation 204-158 Bruising Altitude

Tournament MVPS
Jammer: Human Missile Crisis – Atlanta Rumble B’s
Blocker: “Gary” Splatypus – Tampa Bruise Crew


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