D1S: #7 Tampa Roller Derby triumphs over #9 Windy City, 222-150

D1S: #7 Tampa Roller Derby triumphs over #9 Windy City, 222-150 Photo credit: Hellslinger. capobianco-photography.squarespace.com/

SEATTLE, WA – The first consolation game of the Seattle playoffs saw Tampa Roller Derby coming against Windy City Rollers. Tampa suffered a hard loss against Angel City on Friday night, while Windy had fallen to 2×4’s Team Osom in their first game of the weekend.

While the game played tight and tense through the first half, penalties ultimately got the best of Windy City, despite strong recycling and they could not stem the tide of Tampa Bay, who took the game 222-150.

#17 Mia Go Hamm proved to a thorn, gaining 72% lead jam in the first half. The Tampa blockers were usually able to recapture her in secondary passes though, often because of their recycling. Incredible backwards tracking by #081 Stepheree throughout the game was part of what kept her to only 35 points over 7 jams. #16 Bambi Bloodlust was harder for them to handle. Against Team Osom, Bloodlust only earned 25 points in the entire game. Against Tampa, she put up 45 points in just the first half.

Top of the jammer pack for Tampa was #7 Taz Maniac. Her “bowl you over” style looked like it was going to be ineffective after the first jam, but ended up earning her an 88% lead jammer designation over the entire game and 62 points.

Windy City’s defensive strategy for the first half was a little spread out, relying on their ability to #75 Bork Bork Bork’s ability to smash opposing forces into submission. When packs were smushy, Windy was able to contain Tampa jammers more effectively. When spread apart, the offense of #417 AmTastic and #138 Lauren Smith took advantage, giving #20 Winters the room to run.

Though Tampa always had the lead, Windy never let them get comfortable, always being within 30 points. At halftime, Tampa lead 111-83.

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Photo credit: Hellslinger. capobianco-photography.squarespace.com/

The battle of the forearm penalties raged on in the second period. Both teams accrued more than 40 penalties throughout the game; 12 of Tampa’s were forearms, and Windy City claimed 13 forearms for their troubles.

Tampa’s defense really settled into the second half. Both teams rely on a three person defense with one offense, and both teams are known for jammers who love to exploit open edges.

But Tampa did not bother much with a ‘let’s-just-sure-up-the-defense’ four wall, hopping straight into effective offense off the line. The result of their calm trust was that they held Windy City scoreless for 14 of 21 jams. #300 Kris Rago and #622 Kidney Lauper were not letting #22 Tara Her Apart go without a few bruises to remember them by.

Photo credit: Hellslinger. capobianco-photography.squarespace.com/

Photo credit: Hellslinger. capobianco-photography.squarespace.com/

Penalties finally overwhelmed Windy City’s efforts, despite strong recycling, and they could not get past Tampa Bay. Tampa finishes the tournament with a victory of 222-150.

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