D1S: #4 Bay Area persists against #11 Madison, 241-140

D1S: #4 Bay Area persists against #11 Madison, 241-140 Photo credit: Hellslinger. capobianco-photography.squarespace.com/

SEATTLE, WA – Seeding Sunday kicked off with a rematch 11 years in the making. #11 Dairyland Dolls and #4Bay Area Derby last met in a different derby universe: the 2006 Dust Devil, where Madison took the win, 27 – 14.

Different charters, different strategy, different mindset set up a much different game this time around. The walls of Bay Area were as strong as ever, against a team that others might have underestimated, but nonetheless those walls won the day, 241-140.

The first jams saw #5388 Darkhorse and #1029 Black Velvet popping through the pack to get the momentum on Madison’s side off the bat. Those 8 points would be the last Madison would score for the next seven jams.

BAD was able to pull themselves together to deal with the offense of #101 A Magnitude and #03 one hit Wanda, and hold their defensive lines. #1 Liza Machete and #405 Dirtt pulled together excellent teamed-up wall work to halt the speed of Madison’s jammers.

But also cutting off velocity was #9 Shananaguns of Madison, who was able to lay several Bay Area jammers on their back during scoring passes.

While #49 Cassie Beck controlled the lines for Bay Area, thwarting some mad Madison moves, #80 Thrill Show returned the favor more than once on Madison’s behalf.

Dairyland came into the game with something to prove, and they made that statement in full during the first period, as their strongest game half.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

But Bay Area looked to be in control of the game most of the time, despite their penalty count; a major downfall during their game against Montreal. By the end of the first half, Bay Area had 24 penalties to Madison’s 21, and seven of those penalties were jammer penalties on BAD. Going into the half, Bay Area lead by only 125-73.

The first period of the second half, #44 The 4Closer and offensive crasher #13 Stephanie Mainey, decided to use their game play to tell Madison that they were tired of playing around. Things got serious.

The easy 14 point jam they claimed was followed up by another Bay Area jammer penalty, and multiple blocker penalties, but #7 Murderyn Monroe was able to hold down the pack of rotating blockers in defensive formation against Darkhorse.

Just as Bay Area thought that a comfortable lead was theirs for the taking, #51 Ladie Who-ha took advantage of a 4Closer power jam with an impressive three apex jumps in a row.

Nonetheless, the legendary plow stops of Bay Area could not be defeated, as much as Madison tried. More than one skater was caught in the trap of #86 Gretchen Vomette and #000 Demanda Riot, especially.

It was not until Jam 8 of the second half, where Madison began to visibly lose grip on the game. An egregious back block was levelled against Black Velvet, expelling her from the game in an official review, and it looked to rattle the Dairyland Dolls. The team never really pulled back from that point. Even two power jams with Ladie Who-ha at the helm could not get Madison back on track.

Bay’s offense from then onwards was able to blow apart the Madison defense too consistently, and a 15 point jam by #20 Eva Menace with 8 minutes left on the clock seemed to be the final bump in score that Bay Area needed to feel comfortable in their lead.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

Penalties plagued both sides through the remainder of the game, all the same. And lead jammer percentage was nearly split down the middle.

Tremendous defensive efforts from #255 Tipsy Velvet worked to take advantage of Bay Area short packs. But power two-walls of Bay Area’s familiar black and gold continued to disrupt Dairyland’s comeback plans, while #31 Frightmare and #818 Dani Rueda stacked on points.

In the end, Bay Area Derby’s storms took the win against a tenacious but swamped Madison team, 241-140.

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