D1S: #3 Jacksonville avalanches #12 Charlottesville, 318-161

D1S: #3 Jacksonville avalanches #12 Charlottesville, 318-161 Photo credit: Hellslinger. capobianco-photography.squarespace.com/

SEATTLE, WA – An early challenge from #12 Charlottesville gave #3 Jacksonville a scare as their highly effective defensive strategies fell victim to penalty trouble. The New Jax defense regrouped and endured, however, frustrating Charlottesville jammers and running up their score on the strength of a streak of high-scoring jams.

Despite a slew of jammer penalties, dominant second-half performances from Snot Rocket Science, Krispy Kreme-Her and Leanne Groll made Jacksonville’s lead insurmountable as they defeated Charlottesville, 318-161.

Each team started the game by seeing jammers head to the box as a track cut on Krispy Kreme-Her and a misconduct called on Charlottesville’s River Styx Phoenix ensured a two-minute jam. Charlottesville’s Miller-Miller provided Styx with an offensive assist, but the two jammers fought to a 9-9 stalemate.

Charlottesville’s Stonewallup outlasted defensive challenges from Atomic Mel-Down and Noam Bombsky, absorbing several hits on their fight out of the pack. Following a low block by Snot Rocket Science, Charlottesville’s Boom! ShakeTheRoom passed the star to River Styx Phoenix. Snot Rocket Science returned to take advantage of a blocker traffic jam, putting up 9 to Boom’s 14 and putting Charlottesville’s lead at 32-21.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

Through the first five jams New Jax picked up ten penalties to Charlottesville’s one, as a depleted Jacksonville blocker line had trouble containing their opponents. An offensive block from Charlottesville’s The Big Bangarang gave Stonewallup a chance to put points on the board, but a star pass from Leanne Groll to Noam Bombsky allowed Jacksonville to win the jam and take their first lead of the game.

A power jam for Boom! ShakeTheRoom and some recycling from Charlottesville’s defensive line on a returning Snot Rocket Science prompted another lead change, giving Charlottesville a 50-48 advantage. While then a skating out of bounds penalty for Leanne Groll was quickly canceled out when River Styx Phoenix picked up a track cut, as Groll hopped through the pack and absorbed multiple hits on their way to a 19-8 jam to put New Jax back in the lead, 72-62.

Snot Rocket Science and Krispy Kreme-Her blanked Charlottesville on an 18-0 run, making forceful strides to disrupt the opposing defensive formations.

A thirteen point response by Boom! ShakeTheRoom was stymied when the New Jax defense reformed around them, cutting the Jacksonville lead to 94-75. Jacksonville’s skill at controlling jammers with a three-blocker tripod gave way to a dedicated offensive presence that proved crucial to their victory.

It was Kayci ‘Scooter’ Gallion’s offensive prowess that opened the game up for Jacksonville, as they teamed up both with Snot Rocket Science and Krispy Kreme-Her to charge through Charlottesville’s blockers. The resulting series of high-scoring jams that saw Jacksonville on a 97-15 run across the next nine jams, culminating with a 29-point jam for Snot Rocket Science that saw them disrupting opposing walls and otherwise outmaneuvering the Charlottesville defense on one-footed hops and clean passes along the outside line. Jacksonville’s lead early in the second half sat at 191-90.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

Photo credit: Hellslinger.

A one on one challenge to Charlottesville’s Machete from Noam Bombsky next proved an effective penalty kill for Jacksonville. And then an impressive apex jump from Machete gave Charlottesville the 14-12 advantage, but a late forearm from Machete gave Jacksonville a power start.

Krispy Kreme-Her managed to push past the Charlottesville wall before picking up a high block, but Charlottesville pivot Boom! ShakeTheRoom wasn’t able to beat the Jacksonville tripod after taking a star pass, finding themselves stuck between a pair of blockers who proved to be immune to Charlottesville offensive efforts. An apex jump from a returning Krispy put the score at 221-108.

Following a Charlottesville timeout, Boom! ShakeTheRoom immediately passed the jammer star to Machete, and a Snot Rocket Science forearm gave Machete a power jam – but a pair of track cuts allowed Snot to retake control of the jam putting Jacksonville at 264-122.

Stonewallup and River Styx Phoenix put up a few more high scoring jams to close out the game, taking advantage of a track cut from Leanne Groll, but Jacksonville cemented their victory at 318-161.

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