D1M: #8 Detroit stops #10 Terminal City, 257-181

D1M: #8 Detroit stops #10 Terminal City, 257-181 Photo Credit Peter Troest

MALMO, SWEDEN – Detroit started off this game strong with smooth jamming up the outside lines, and strong defense that resulted in a dominant first half.

In the second half, Terminal City was able to earn lead status roughly half of the time, which helped combat some blocker penalties that began to take their on the team toll late in the game.

Despite the penalty trouble, Terminal City did mount a comeback attempt in the last third of the second half, but it came too late to surpass the early lead Detroit built. In the end, Detroit carried the win, 257 – 181.

Terminal City took the jam line on the first whistle, setting up a starting defensive tripod, but it was not enough to hold Detroit’s Sarah Hipel back, who put up the first 10 points on the board unreturned. Detroit themselves favored a tripod in front, with one offensive blocker mixed into Terminal City’s defensive line.

Terminal City claimed their first lead status in the third jam, enjoying a power start and calling off the jam, 7-0. Detroit then decided to let the next jam run long after Terminal passed the star, allowing for some blockers’ penalty time to be burned. And while Detroit added 25 to their score on that jam, Terminal City picked up 20 points as well, almost evening things up.

With 10 minutes to play in the first half, an official review was called that involved an engaged discussion between the head ref and jammer ref. In the end, Detroit’s jammer was sent to the box, allowing for a Terminal City power start that saw Terminal City claim a quick lead and add some points, while holding Detroit scoreless – the first time in seven jams.

Detroit finished the half strong despite the occasional penalty trouble, 143-76.

Photo Credit Peter Troest

Photo Credit Peter Troest

The first jam of the second half began as a power start for Detroit, but a no pass allowed Terminal City’s jammer to come out of the box, claim lead jammer status and call off the jam, 0-0.

The next jam saw another power jam to Detroit, though this time Detroit was able to take full advantage of that track time and add 19 points to their score, shoving the team upwards on the scoreboard, further.

In the third jam, Mulan Bruise collected Terminal City’s first points of the half, ending the jam with a power jam. Maiden Sane followed up that success with a 19 point jam that Terminal ran the full two minutes, taking full advantage of Detroit’s star pass.

With 17:26 to play, a multiplayer penalty was called followed by an insubordination on Smokey which resulted in Smokey fouling out of the game – a heavy loss for their team.

In the final game quarter, Terminal City began fielding two jammers, in an attempt to distract and confuse Detroit. Just prior to the first whistle, the second jammer would exit the track, and the first would take advantage of the confusion to find defensive holes.

Terminal City found momentum late in the game, earning a string of lead and adding 33 points to Detroit’s 21, however, this surge in the last 10 minutes of play was not enough to overtake Detroit’s early lead.

Final Score: Detroit 257 – 181 Terminal City.

Photo Credit Peter Troest

Photo Credit Peter Troest

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