D1M: #7 Stockholm rolls past #9 Kallio, 184-166

D1M: #7 Stockholm rolls past #9 Kallio, 184-166 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – If you had only watched the first quarter of the game, it would have seemed #20-ranked Stockholm had firm control of scoring and was going to run away with the game. Over an initial 13 jams, #29-ranked Kallio was only able to gather ten points to 48 by Stockholm. But then Kallio surged forward and, after holding a brief lead, were down by just 12 points going into the halftime break.

Kallio actually ended up with a slight lead status advantage in each half and did better with total penalties overall. However, they were never able to get those advantages to pay off with points, to take the game lead back from Stockholm – while they did close the gap, they fell short by the time the clock ran out. Inevitably, Stockholm took their second win of their weekend of three games, beating Kallio 184-166.

Stockholm shot out to a quick lead with the help of two power jams, putting up nine points first, and then Lil Slinky added 18 more. Kallio were able to earn the next three lead statuses, but Stockholm were able to spring their own jammer as well and then race away to save their points.

On the third jam, after Sara Gilbert bashed through the pack first, they hit the pack for their scoring pass and waited momentarily for their blockers to fall back and open a lane. After sneaking in their first point, Gilbert was forced to call it and Kallio were finally on the board after seven minutes, 27-1.

Kallio took the front line defensively, and it seemed to help their jammer squeeze by along the edges, so Stockholm began to try and take it from them. This tussle usually resulted in the teams starting near the pivot line and rolling their tripods back to the jammers at the whistle. Stockholm started to score again after three scoreless jams, but Kallio was keeping them to four points or less.

Quick recycling by T-Bag caught Stockholm’s Maurine before they could make a sneaky exit from the pack, allowing Sara Gilbert to grab lead status instead. With a spread out pack Gilbert returned for a quick four points and called it off, bringing the score to 34-7 with 20 minutes left, and Stockholm still leading.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Stockholm was utilizing four jammers in their rotation, while Kallio had three jammers take the star. Stockholm’s jammer rotation got interrupted as A.M. Chaos went down, and the jam was called for injury. Meanwhile, Kamasuttura had taken a seat in the penalty box with a track cut, giving Stockholm their third power jam.

Two jams not long after got Kallio back in the game: Panica De Hex gave up Stockholm’s first jammer penalty and Kamasuttura was able to grab five points on a speeding pack. Calling it off set up Sara Gilbert for a power start, and after getting lead, the Kallio pack goated a Stockholm blocker to keep the pack from speeding away from their jammer again. An additional 18 points in this jam brought Kallio within reach of Stockholm, at 48-33.

Kallio lost lead status when Kamasuttura stumbled across the apex, earning lead and then taking it to the box with a cut. Kallio did a good job recyling onto Lil Slinky, and although Slinky made a few grand slam passes, Kamasuttura came out of the box and was able to sneak by on the edges multiple times. The result ended in a 19-13 jam in Kallio’s favor and put them within 13 points with under ten minutes left in the half.

Blockers on both sides started making the rounds to the penalty box, leaving a light pack for Maurine to dodge through and take the game lead back. Play remained penalty heavy and chaotic, and despite a last second rush to get players on the track, Kallio’s Kaaos grabbed lead status with a power start, but then misjudged re-entering the track behind Swede Hurt who ended up pulling a cut on her. However, with just one Stockholm blocker on the track, Kaaos started lapping the pack while Stockholm’s jammer was stuck in the pack. In the meantime, Stockholm’s CrackHer fouled out, taking seven of the 26 first half penalties.

That jam brought Kallio back in the lead by five points, but then a 17-point jam by Lil Slinky took Stockholm into the halftime break ahead 102-90.

In the second half, Stockholm took the front line from Kallio more often, but the Rolling Rainbow blockers seemed to adjust to the situation and recycle quickly around the pack to catch sly jammers. However, Stockholm picked up the first four lead statuses and with the help of a power jam, pushed ahead 129-104, narrowing the differential.

Play slowed down, and jams came down to quick point grabs and fast call offs as each tried to maintain control of the game. Stockholm’s fast game successfully kept Kallio from picking up a full four points, and Kallio’s blockers physically denied the points with knockouts. But then Kallio lost blockers to the box, putting them at the disadvantage, and Stockholm scored in back to back jams, pushing back out of reach at 150-115 with 15 minutes left in the game.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Gilbert continued to be unstoppable off the line and while they earned lead status, Stockholm attempted to pass the star. Maurine gave it to Mount NeverRest who took off, but then both ended up in the penalty box, Maurine with a back block and Mount NeverRest with an insubordination. This aided Gilbert in adding a 16-point jam, bringing the score to 137-115. For a moment it seemed as if Mount NeverRest was going to foul out as well, but the officials double checked and NeverRest had only six penalties.

Kallio continued to chip at the score, and in a jam that went a full two minutes after both jammers sat in the box, Kallio won out 13-7 and brought it to a six-point game. With about five minutes left, they had plenty of time to retake the lead over Stockholm.

Lil Slinky erased that dream, however, and a 17-point jam brought it to a 20-point game as the clock was starting to favor Stockholm. Kallio put two more points on the board and then used their last timeout with their official review remaining.

In the second to last jam Maurine had lead and played nice and easy in order to pick up points and burn the clock. As they attempted to block Kamasuttura, who was returning to the pack to score, Maurine picked up a low block and set up Kallio for a power start with the period clock under a minute.

Sara Gilbert took to the jam line and picked up lead, but soon Maurine was back and through on their initial pass. Gilbert earned three points and then called the jam, looking at the clock and realizing it had run out. Stockholm won 184-166.

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