D1M: #7 Stockholm cleans up #10 Terminal City, 197-145

D1M: #7 Stockholm cleans up #10 Terminal City, 197-145 Photo credit: Marko Niemelä Photography. facebook.com/punkmarkophotos/

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – Malmö playoffs so far have been full of out-of-the-gate underdog power. The 6pm game between #7 Stockholm Roller Derby and #10 Terminal City Rollergirls was no exception.

Terminal City is no stranger to intense weekend play, having completed three games at The Big O and four games at Golden Bowl this year. Meanwhile, Stockholm is not short on tournament play this season either, having played in Anarchy in the UK and the Kallio FINvitational, along with crossing the ocean to play three games in the United States this season.

Stockholm jumped into a 57-point lead after two big jams early on, and Terminal City wasn’t able to bridge the gap. Stockholm took the win, 197-145.

Terminal City put up a quick eight points to start the game off, showing off quick jamming and wrecking-ball defense. The streak was short lived, however, and in the fourth jam, Stockholm hit the gas. Queen of the Apex Jump, #11 Maurine, was tremendous the whole game. Her line work and balance put up 22 points her first time to jam, 29 her second time and earned her 84 points over the whole game.

Penalties affected the first half of the game in Stockholm’s favor with Terminal racking up penalties, including five jammer penalties in the first half alone. Stockholm didn’t give up a power jam until Jam six and was the only one in the first half. Low penalties and the controlled blocking of #44 Ylva Amberg and #131 CrackHer kept Stockholm in control.

#322 Handley and #47 Scarlett Bloodbath did not let Stockholm through without a fight and made jam 15 the last multi-pass jam for them in the first half. The Terminal City defense kicked up their intensity and held down the lines far better than they had previously. Their jammers began to have more success, and #7 Bazinga capitalized on Stockholm packs that did not reform crisply while #88 Maiden Sane blew up tripods by slicing through with precision and power. Terminal began to claw their way closer to Stockholm, closing the 66 point gap ever so slightly.

Stockholm led, 110-65 going into the half. Terminal kept the momentum on their side moving into the second period, gaining 17 points to Stockholm’s seven in the first five jams. Terminal cleaned up their jammer penalties, not earning a single one in the second half, while also having two Stockholm power jams to work with.

The two teams earned almost equal penalties over the whole game and nearly the same amount of points in the second half. However, while Terminal was able to earn multiple scoring passes, they did not hold Stockholm scoreless as they were able to outscore Terminal by seven points in the second half.

Stockholm jammers realized that they could string out Terminal by pushing on the inside line. The result would be Terminal clumping into the tripod of Stockholm defense, who were busy grinding the Terminal jammers. #87 Lil Slinky was particularly good at not getting sucked up into the wall, but rather waiting for it to move. The result, in both cases, was small gaps for the Stockholm jammers to dance through.

Their weakness, however, came on their scoring passes. Stockholm loved the lines, and Terminal knew it. As jammers came in hot, #305 Smokie and #131 Bruiseberry Pie would eat up the jammers with well-timed power. Regardless of what happened to the blockers after the initiation, the Stockholm jammers would recycle 30 feet back, often taking themselves behind multiple blockers they had held superior position on them. Terminal City used this habit to their advantage and they were able to buy their jammers extra time to escape or pass, forcing the call off.

Stockholm had a fantastic performance of recycling and teamwork, while Terminal City responded with game adjustments and bursting offense. At the end, Stockholm took the victory, 197-145. Stockholm will move on to play #2 Denver Roller Derby Saturday at Noon CEST. Terminal City gets a day off to rest and regroup and will take the track one more time against the tenacious #8 Detriot Roller Derby.

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