D1M: #6 Rainy City slays #12 Charm City, 258-78

D1M: #6 Rainy City slays #12 Charm City, 258-78 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN – After a nail-biting tournament-entry game against London that left many people marveling at the upwards trajectory of Rainy City, the quality of play for this game looked like it might belie the exit placing the two teams were aiming for. Charm City has had less luck at this tournament, but similar game history with a loss to Helsinki.

In the end, as has been the trend with this tournament, the seedings won out. Rainy City claimed an emphatic win against Charm City with a score of 258-78.

As Dottie Deathwish and Wilde sprang into action off the first whistle, bouncing back and forth while testing their opponents’ walls, the two defensive lines shut down, grinding tripods against the jammers. Wilde pushed up to the front, and even an offensive assist couldn’t break up the wall in front of them, while Dottie was getting recycled and re-engulfed by blockers. In the end, three Rainy City blockers were enough to hold back Charm City, while Wilde finally claimed lead jammer status and 10-0, taking game lead for Rainy City.

This essentially set the trend for the first half, with Rainy City dominating the lead jammer grabs so heavily that they only let two slip in the whole period, essentially wholly closing down scoring for Charm City. By the end of the period, Charm had only managed to score 15 points, the game entering the halftime break, 136-15.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

The same initial jammer match-up happened on the first jam back into the game, and this time Dottie Deathwish earned a penalty that put Charm’s hopes to reset in the second half to rest, as Wilde took full advantage of the track and earned 14-0. A similar scoring jam next for Lauren Swaffield, 14-0, cemented the return for Rainy City, as they continued their upward momentum.

Despite this start, the second game period was a much better game for Charm City – adding 63 points to their score, as opposed to the slim 15 they’d garnered in the first period. Much of that was due to a handful of further jammer leads that the team managed to grab, proving their learning journey from the first half, all of which bore points and multi-pass ones at that.

But while Charm City attempted star passes for points at regular intervals throughout the game, they were to learn that not one of those would bear fruit, with Rainy City shutting down their defensive lines and closing out jammers from passes.

Inevitably, Charm City were unable to close the gap, and Rainy City brought the win home, 258-78.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

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