D1M: #5 Helsinki finishes #11 Calgary, 365-107

D1M: #5 Helsinki finishes #11 Calgary, 365-107 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – #5 seed Helsinki beat #11 Calgary in a true-to-seedings final score of 365-107, and while the Finnish team hadn’t had as far geographically to come to be at the tournament, the two teams have had similar histories of play across the last few seasons to bring them to this weekend.

The Europeans decided they weren’t about to let Calgary take any quarter, and they sealed the game by the halftime, pulling out a 131 point differential, and closing in the same vein.

First jam in, Hillary Boswell landed lead status, but then was re-engaged by two Helsinki blockers at the top of the pack before they could break free. With Taru Saxelin only a handful of feet behind, though, the jam was going to be called short anyways, and neither were able to land any points as Hillary was knocked to the outside before passing anyone in the pack.

As the next jam inched up each score only slightly, it seemed briefly like this might be a game of only incremental additions. But Malou soon exploded that idea with a 24-pointer for Helsinki that carried on through until jam 10, with multi-scoring pass jams moving the score upwards for Helsinki so rapidly, that even a few replies weren’t about to make a dent from Calgary.

A final pre-break 15-point jam from Calgary’s second highest scorer, Boswell, couldn’t clear the difference. And the teams headed into halftime, with Helsinki in the lead, 190-59.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Calgary came back with fire in their eyes, and used a forward wall set-up and drop back to claim the jam line defense, which quickly earned them jammer lead. But Maiju Rinne didn’t need lead to keep scoring, as Boswell let the jam run long, even though the second pass left them behind on the track.

Ultimately, Helsinki’s ability to trap Calgary into scoreless jams in clusters of two and five, along with their own multi-pass scores just kept the differential climbing beyond reach. And Helsinki finished the game way up, with a score of 365-107.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

This ends both teams’ tournament play as they both lost one game previously. Calgary played Rainy City on Friday and lost 324-81. Helsinki first beat Charm City on Friday, 308-144, but then lost to Crime City later that night 215-170.

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