D1M: #2 Denver takes flight over #7 Stockholm, 330-152

D1M: #2 Denver takes flight over #7 Stockholm, 330-152 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – With the added oomph of Scald Eagle under their wings, Denver is a team to beat this playoff weekend. Despite their best efforts to topple the soaring team, Stockholm was unable to take the wind out from under them. Denver came out of this second game for Saturday with a solid win, 330-152.

Denver set out as they meant to continue in this game, with three jams in a row of large point additions, closing Stockholm out of scoring entirely till the 4th jam, at 41-0.

In fact, it wasn’t until the second quarter of play, after Scald Eagle finished a massive 35 point jam, that anyone apart from Lil Slinky was able to score at all for Stockholm. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lil Slinky proved to be the highest scoring jammer for the Swedes, with 63 points gathered for their team in the 12 jams they played. Also unsurprisingly, Scald Eagle was Denver’s highest scorer, gathering a large 110 points in 11 jams of play – 30 points more than Wilhelm, their next largest scorer who spent the same amount of time on the track.

Towards the end of the first period, Stockholm made a huge effort to take lead jammer status, using that control wisely to add the majority of their points for the half in that time, and hitting the halftime break, 153-75.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

At the return from the break, Stockholm fielded Lil Slinky, seeming determined to recreate that lead jammer streak, claiming it for the first jam. But Denver was eager to shut down those hopes, and did so very thoroughly, taking all but 5 lead jammer statuses for the second period and using this advantage to pay off in points.

Ultimately, the game control that Denver maintained was all they needed to double Stockholm’s score and then some, closing the game with a final score of 330-152.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Denver goes on to play London in the last game of the day, Saturday at 8pm CEST (2pm EDT/11am PDT), and Stockholm plays the first game of Sunday at noon (6am EDT/3am PDT), against Kallio.

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