D1M: #1 Gotham subdues #8 Detroit, 457-54

D1M: #1 Gotham subdues #8 Detroit, 457-54 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – Given the infamous unbeaten track record of Gotham, Detroit couldn’t be said to have entered this game anticipating a win. Since the seedings had held true through the first half of the day, certainly all eyes were on the New York team to take the final win of the day.

What wound up happening was play held firmly in the hands of the Gotham Girls, as they finished up the game with over 400 points more than Detroit, after they played for points (since every game counts towards rankings for each season), ending up with 457-54.

The first jam started out with the indomitable Sarah Hipel out to jam – no stranger to Gotham walls – and that knowledge seemed to pay off, as Miss Tea Maven was recycled back into the back of the Detroit pack just as Hipel made it out and took the first lead jammer status. That 3-0 was a momentary lead for Detroit that they were never to reclaim.

ShortStop busted out to take 13-10 in the following jam, making the score 13 apiece, and starting a string of lead jammer status claims that Detroit couldn’t really contest.

By the time jam 7 rolled around, and the track saw Giles step on as jammer in her first game for Gotham since her relocation away from Victoria only a few short weeks ago, Gotham settled into a 20-point lead. Then four consecutive jams of double digit scores for Gotham ranging from 19 to 29 points set up the rest of the game, almost closing Detroit out of scoring altogether.

By halftime, Gotham had widened their lead to 180 points, with one final massive 29-point jam for ShortStop, and the score sat at 218-38, against Detroit.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

The half time break is usually the time when the underdog team learns some valuable lessons about the other team’s strategy and emerges fired up and ready to reclaim points. On the track, the jammers were an exact repeat of the first jam in period one, except this time Miss Tea Maven continued the inevitable lead jammer claim for Gotham. In fact, Gotham claimed all but two lead jammer statuses in the second half, adding in double digit points even on those two jams that escaped them.

By the end of the game, Detroit had spent all-in-all a massive 22.5 minutes in the penalty box, while Gotham only had 21 penalties, less than half of Detroit’s penalty count. The fact that 11 of those penalties for Detroit were direction of play penalties speaks to Gotham’s ability to draw out the team and force them into contact and confused run-backs, gifting Gotham’s jammers track space and points.

The second half settled even more firmly into Gotham’s court, as they climbed the score up and widened the gap between the two teams even above their 200 point additions from the first half. That, combined with shutting off Detroit’s ability to score, left the final at 457-54, with Gotham taking home the win.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Gotham played again on Saturday at 6pm CEST (12pm EDT, 9am PDT), against Crime City. Detroit played again just before them, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT, 7am PDT), against Terminal City.

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