D1M: #1 Gotham beats #4 Crime City, 237-65

D1M: #1 Gotham beats #4 Crime City, 237-65 Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

MALMO, SWEDEN   The home team enjoyed an enthusiastic crowd and multiple standing ovations for excellent turns of defense and impressive offensive maneuvers. Overall, the game was filled with slow grinding braces, great team and individual defense, and violent knockouts and draw backs on both sides.

In the end, Crime City could not hold back Gotham’s offensive power and Gotham, despite a slow start, took the win with a score of 237-65.

In the first jam, Miss Tea Maven picked up a forearm penalty, clearing the way for Prince Sofia to earn lead. While Prince Sofia rounded the track, all but one Malmo blocker headed to the box, ending the first jam with Crime City nonetheless in the lead, 5-0.

Next, Shortstop claimed lead jammer status and put up Gotham’s first points and the first lead change of the game, 7-5. The next jam featured a tag team of  V-Diva and Sexy Sladie recycling Crime City again and again as Space Invader, jamming for Gotham, ran up the score to 21-6.

Miss Tea Maven collected another penalty while attempting to escape the pack in the following jam, and Curly Haar took full advantage to claim lead while Crime City’s Below Me repeatedly prevented Miss Tea Maven from clearing the pack once they had returned to the track.

The next jam saw King K for Crime City earn lead and close the gap slightly, bring Crime City’s total to 16. Gotham ultimately closed out the half strong, with 54 points over the last three jams and a 25 point jam from Miss Team Maven, entering the break with a score of 121-36.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

The first jam of the second half went to Curly Haar, and Crime City pulled back up toward Gotham, 125-45. Shortstop then picked up lead, but was knocked out and recycled all the way back to the jammer line, resulting in a 2-minute 0-0 jam.

In the following jam, Crime City did not earn lead but a quick, well-executed star pass under Gotham’s brace forced Gotham to call the jam early after only 3 points. Crime City seemed to be working in the main to keep Gotham’s scoring to a minimum with similar tactics.

Crime City put up a strong defense that stifled Gotham’s advances on multiple occasions. Gotham’s response was to eventually call off all their blockers and let the opposing jammer out of the pack on their initial pass, to then immediately have a full blocking contingent dedicated to freeing their jammer – a tactic that worked in their favor.

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

Photo Credit Marko Niemelä

As penalties mounted against Crime City, they pounced on an opportunity late in the half and called an official review to request the back block penalty against Roxy Dallas be upgraded to an expulsion. The review was denied, removing the team’s chance to use their review time again in the half.

Though Gotham skated a much cleaner game overall, with the most penalties against a single player sitting at 3 – half that of Crime City – Gotham did afford Crime City a few rare opportunities to capitalize on a pack advantage and/or power jam. Near the end of the game, Curly Haar did just that and picked up 13 points after a back to back power jam in Crime City’s favor.

Gotham closed the game 237-65. Gotham will now play the winner of Denver versus London, to determine 1st place in this tournament. Both Gotham and Crime City advance to Champs – the first time the home team has qualified for the final post-season tournament.

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