D1D: #6 Queen City dominates #12 Wasatch, 270-77

D1D: #6 Queen City dominates #12 Wasatch, 270-77 Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

DALLAS, TX – To get this far, Queen City first beat Houston 195-104 on Friday and then faced a tough Arch Rival the following day. They came prepared, however and decided to go long early on, scoring 123 points to ARCH’s 339. Their strategic minds carried into their game today against Wasatch, with smart call offs and clock management.

Wasatch came into this tournament ranked #40, just barely getting pulled into Divison 1 after two years of attending D2 Playoffs. Their first game was against #5 seed Atlanta on Friday, losing 415-68 and giving them a day of rest between games. Struggling to score early on, Wasatch found some momentum towards the middle of the game but fell to Queen City 270-77.

Queen City had a solid start to this game, keeping Wasatch off the board for the first six jams. It didn’t help that each of the Wasatch jammers took a turn in the box through the first quarter of the game, aiding Queen City to add on many grand slam passes. Ten minutes in it was 72-0.

Sookie Slaphouse finally earned lead status as her blocker Riot Atchyu caught Crazy Squirrel at the front of the pack and was joined by her fellow blockers seal off any escape. Sookie made it around for one grand slam, and then four more points, calling off the jam. With the score at 72-9, it seemed clear that Wasatch wasn’t going to play the same go-long game that Queen City had done the day before against Arch Rival.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

The momentum was short lived as Smashley O’Hooligan sat in the box with a track cut in the next jam, and Queen City furthered their lead by holding Wasatch back for another six jams. The Midnight Terrors stashed the star when they got held up in the pack, but had little success actually passing it and getting the star out of the pack.  They weren’t able to offer much offense with both jammers in the pack, but a nice sweep on the apex after GO! left the pack on another scoring pass in jam nine to spring Wreckless helped end the jam. As long as Queen City was in control, they would rack up as many points as possible and led 144-9 with under 10 minuets in the half.

From here, scoring slowed down, however. Wasatch amended their jammer rotation, pulling Wreckless after two of three jams resulted in a penalty, and eventually just jammed Carpe Jugulum and Sookie Slaphouse back to back. They were able to get out of the pack quicker, keeping Queen City’s jammers to zero points or single scoring passes. Wasatch was even able to earn three more lead statuses, but in trying to deny Queen City points they called it off and only added 10 points in those three jams.

Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies kept a pretty clean first half, only earning 12 penalties overall, but towards the end they gave up two power jams to Wasatch. After LiBRAWLian got caught up in the pack, and ended up letting Carpe Jugulum match her with four points, Crazy Squirrel went off with a cut after earning lead. In the two-minute jam, Sookie was able to score one grand slam before Squirrel returned, and spinning out of turn four and stumbling out of the pack, Sookie earned a final four-point pass making it a 9-4 jam.

At halftime Queen City led 159-32 and scoring was spread evenly among their three jammers. Sookie led Wasatch’s scoring with 23 points, but Bruiser Ego and Penny Slain also led penalties with five each. Returning to the track in the second half, head ref Umpire Strikes Back announced that Wasatch tried to ask for an egregious back block on KonichiWOW, but after denying that call, they did issue an egregious low block, ejecting her from the game.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

Wasatch’s momentum carried into the second half, and they picked up three of the first four lead statuses, even putting up double-digit jams. They continued their tight jammer rotation but added in Demon Spawn or Smashley every few jams.

It looked like Carpe Jugulum was going to continue their lead streak, but got out of the pack with a forearm instead. LiBRAWLian didn’t finish her initial pass cleanly either, releasing Carpe after a track cut and making it a full-length jam. Carpe sat in the box again with a cut of her own, and the jam went 8-2 in favor of Queen City.

Scoring slowed back down again for Wasatch, and they were only able to score in five more jams in the rest of the game. Even with lead status, they called off jams to deny points, despite not adding any of their own. With 20 minutes left in the half, Bruiser Ego fouled out of the game, her last game with Wasatch before moving, and then Penny Slain took her seventh with five minutes left.

Wasatch did earn lead status in the final three jams, but Queen City closed out their weekend with a 270-77 win.

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