D1D: #2 Texas wins over #3 Arch Rival, 209-119

D1D: #2 Texas wins over #3 Arch Rival, 209-119 Photo credit: Michele J. Hale. michelejhale.com

DALLAS, TX – The final game of Day 2 was a matchup between the #2 seeded Texas Texecutioners and #3 Arch Rival. Both teams enjoyed scoring runs and traded momentum back and forth but Texas was able to capitalize on their lead calls with strong defense and well-timed offense, ending the game 209-119.

Freight Train drew first blood for the Texecutioners with a 2-0 lead after the first jam. Arch Rival responded with a 9-point jam after a jammer-on-jammer recycle ended up working against Texas. Texas’s wall successfully held back Bolt Action, enabling Texas to reclaim their lead 15-9. In the next jam, Arch Rival claimed lead status and closed the gap.

Texas was able to open up the score slightly, 29-12, as Reptar went out on a penalty for Arch Rival, granting a power jam to Texas. They continued to control the game with a slight advantage in lead status percentage and closed out the half with the lead 117-54.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Arch Rival favored a paired defense that would have blocking pairs work together to drive out the jammer near the top of the pack but also able to reform as a whole unit when necessary.

Early in the second half, Arch Rival was able to capitalize on Texas’s string of blocker penalties that left them at a disadvantage for four consecutive jams. ARCH held them scoreless in that time and increased their score by 15 points.

Texas did mix up their lines a bit in the second half, putting Jackie Daniels in the game for the first time. With just five minutes gone into the second period, Texas called a team timeout to reset after Arch Rival steadily closed the gap to 118-69. The reset for Texas did not come right away, but one jam later Freight Train broke their scoring drought, pushing the score to 133-75, as StoneHer and Jackie Daniels locked down Arch Rival in the back of the pack. Arch Rival responded to the Texecutoners with a 15-point jam and a team timeout of their own.

After an impressive one-on-one blocking display from Shear-Ra Powers at the top of the pack that simultaneously served as offense for Swanson, Freight Train took the star in the following jam and extended the Texas lead to 186-79.

Texas put up two 20-point jams in a row, the first by Freight Train and then the second by combined efforts of OJ and Smarty Pants after a star pass. The next jam, saw Gravy, Baby! head to the box, giving Harmony Killerbruise a power jam and ten points.

Arch Rival called the first successful official review of the game with just under five minutes to play that resulted in a forearm penalty being assessed to Olivia Shootin’ John. The power start for Arch Rival enabled them to an early lead call. Unfortunately for OJ, a back block penalty was assessed, making it a double power jam and the second power start in a row for Arch Rival.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

With just 29 seconds left on the clock, Arch Rival petitioned and won their second official review, this time successfully removing a skating out of bounds call on their jammer in the previous jam.

Though Arch Rival put together a strong run early in the second half it was not enough to overcome Texas’s early lead. Texas was able to regain control in the second half and closed Day 2 with a win over Arch Rival, 209-119.

Texas played Victorian Roller Derby for the Championship game on Sunday while Arch Rival faced off against Minnesota for third place.

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