D1D: #2 Texas executes against #10 Dallas, 248-89

D1D: #2 Texas executes against #10 Dallas, 248-89 Photo credit: Michele J. Hale. michelejhale.com

DALLAS, TX – The last game of the day was a Texan battle between host league #34-ranked Dallas Derby Devils and #6-ranked Texas Rollergirls. Dallas ended up matching Texas in the number of jammers and overall penalties, but the ability of the Texecutioners to pull off big scoring jams and hold Dallas scoreless for the last 10 jams of the game put the win solidly in their hands.

Texas and Dallas met early in the season and then Texas beat them 277-66, so despite their loss, Dallas improved by a difference of 52 points. Olivia Shootin’ John’s 100% lead status and 82 points in six jams helped lead Texas to a 248-89 victory.

Not only was there a difference of 28 spots in the rankings between these two teams, but Dallas was returning to the track after a tough battle against Santa Cruz earlier in the day. It didn’t seem to slow them down from the start though, with Anita Riot passing the star right away in the first jam to keep Olivia Shootin’ John to just four points for Texas in the first jam. Each team took lead status twice in the first four jams, and Bayleigh Wheat got Dallas on the board with the first three points against a total of eight for Texas.

Another star pass by Dallas wasn’t as effective, however, and as pivot turned jammer Mona Bruis’r got stuck in the pack behind Jackie Daniels and Stone Her, OJ picked up grand slam after grand slam. Dallas tried to play some offense, but the Texas pack was nearly immovable. After five scoring passes, Texas led 33-3.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Anita Riot nearly made it out of the pack with lead status in the next jam but was caught up by Peacewar, Hauss the Boss claimed that lead instead. It looked like she would start putting up pass after pass, but she got slowed down by Gillotine Grace and The Little Murdermaid. Anita passed the star and eventually, Dallas got out of the pack, but not before Hauss’s matrix moves added 14 points to their total.

A quick 0-0 jam with Jett chasing Freight Train out of the pack forced the call off and Jett returned to the jam line. As the most successful jammer in their earlier game, Jett broke up Texas’s scoring with lead status and three points, however Gravy, Baby! was able to sneak in one point. Dallas was able to pick up five more lead statuses this half, and despite their deficit, they continued to call off the jam and deny points instead of trying to run it long. A full one-minute power jam for Texas gave OJ another chance to picked up multiple grand slams and added 20 more to their total of 68 to Dallas’s six.

Bayleigh Wheat was able to pick up lead status every time she jammed in the first half but was only able to add a few points here and there. Speed by Miley Virus got them a bigger jam, however, and while Blakley locked down the inside line, Miley added grand slams for Dallas. Their defense held onto OJ long enough to force Texas to pass the star and Dallas added 13 points with 10 minutes left in the half.

Dallas was able to earn lead status in three of the last four jams, but Texas was lightning fast with the star pass in one of the jams. With the star on Stone Her, Jett pressed forward while Blakley and Mona Bruis’r working buddy defense. The risk turned on Dallas, and as Jett sat in the box, Texas ended up with a 20-point jam to eight points for Dallas. By halftime, Texas was up 124-38.

While Dallas had four jammer penalties in the first half to one by Texas, things flip-flopped in the second half and three early power jams for Dallas aided them in adding points. Tip-toeing on the line burned Freight Train on her initial pass, putting her in the box with a cut, but she returned with the same moves and ended up outscoring Dallas 19-13 after Bazooka Bubble Bum passed the star. Earning only one lead status in this time, Dallas came back with 32 points in the first six jams, to 48 by Texas.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Dallas continued to adapt and try to put a stop to Texas’s scoring with star passes, but the Texecutioners continued their forward momentum. Bayleigh Wheat ended up only giving up lead status in two of her six jams, and her quick stepping and jukey footwork earned her another 14 points with about a quarter of the game left. Unfortunately, this would be the last time that Dallas scored, however, as the Texas machine earned every lead status after that and scored 68 more points.

Consistency and control made it a smooth road to victory for Texas. They put up 124 points in each half and ended with a 248-89 win. Dallas was able to score more in the second half, but that long stretch of scoreless jams at the end allowed Texas to break away in the score at the end. Texas advances to play the winner of Game 8 Saturday evening at 8pm CDT while Dallas has a consolation game at 2pm CDT against Arizona.

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