D1D: #1 Victoria holds back #4 Minnesota, 329-36

D1D: #1 Victoria holds back #4 Minnesota, 329-36 Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

DALLAS, TX – #1 Victorian Roller Derby League came into Division 1 Playoffs with high expectations placed upon them. They met #4 Minnesota, after both having secured their spots at Philadelphia Championships. The math suggested that Victorian was going to handle Minnesota, but Minnesota’s defense wasn’t going to let VRDL go through unscathed.

Minnesota was not successful in scoring points and Victoria, from the first whistle, dominated. VRDL earned lead status at 82.6 percent in the first half and only gave up 13 points to Minnesota. It was a very clean first half for both teams, Victoria only taking four total, two of which were jammer penalties, while MNRG gave up one power jam and six penalties total.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

The movement and control of the Australian blockers is downright legendary. The positional blocking and ability to grind a jammer to a halt with a plow stop was on full display. #20 Lorrae Evans and #66 Screw Barrymore moved fluidly around the Minnesota lines to slow and contain. It took until Jam 12 for Minnesota to score a full point pass, and VRDL prevented all jammer lap points in all but one jam in the whole game.

That said, Minnesota was able to hold VRDL to single passes 44% of the jams in the first half. Blocking teams like #28 Scarman Electra, #737 Hurtrude Stein and #5 DJ FART NOIZE (a new favorite derby name across the community) were able to capitalize on the rotation of the VRDL pack to spring their jammers from initial passes. The unending speed of the VRDL jammers and phenomenal offensive timing was just too much for the reflexes of Minnesota, however.

By the half, the fancy moves of #9 Second Hand Smoke could not even gain momentum for the aqua and army. Victoria led 146-13.

In the second half, #14 Christy Demons continued to be perfect. She earned lead 13 times out of 13 times on the track and put up 118 points throughout the game. #54 Lady Trample was not far behind her, earning lead 10 out of 11 tries and earning 92 points.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

Photo credit: Michele J. Hale.

VRDL hit the gas full force on Minnesota, only allowing three jams where any points were scored. Two of those jams were multi-pass jams by #3 Jacked Pipes. Her agility and reckless speed were on full display, which was a familiar sight for fans of the team. Minnesota was able to score a bit more in the second half, but Victoria did as well. By the end of the game, Victoria won 329-36.

Victoria claimed the first spot in the Gold Medal game to be played Sunday at 6pm CDT. Minnesota earned one more game, playing for the Bronze medal on Sunday at 4pm CDT.


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