#2 Tucson Saddletramp the #15 E-Ville Dead, 250-149

#2 Tucson Saddletramp the #15 E-Ville Dead, 250-149 Photo credit Sean Hale

#15 seed, E-Ville Roller Derby out of Edmonton, Canada faced off for the first time at WFTDA International Playoff at 230pm on Friday against an old standard of the WFTDA: #2 seeded Tucson Roller Derby. E-Ville made their debut thanks to a strong showing at Mayhem Tournament, where their fast game and unapologetic blocking dominated the bracketed tournament. In the end, experience seemed to triumph, as Tucson took the game 250-149.

E-Ville came into the game playing like they always do: fast tripods, heavy blocks, and rounded movement by the jammers. Tucson saw what they were doing, adapted their play and emphatically shut it down.

In the first 10 jams, Tucson put up points again and again, mounting their game lead, while E-Ville only scored on four individual jams. Tucson had seven jams in the first half where they added double digit points, but comparatively E-Ville only had three.

Throughout Blaxican Bomber, who spent last year’s playoffs putting up points for Tucson, really wore the stripe for this game – in the traditional sense, as the brains of the team. Her teamwork with fellow Tucson players Trouble Shooter, Olive Jukes, and Midnight Crasher was impeccable. The pod’s chemistry resulted in fluid recycles and a bounty of lead jams for their corresponding jammers.

Where Tucson got in trouble was in jammer penalties, which could equally have been in the court of their jammers or the abilities of the opposing team to draw penalties. E-Ville had three power jams count against them, while Tucson gave up twice as many, with six. In those six power jams, E-Ville was able to fully capitalize on the absence of the opposing jammer, scoring the majority of their points. Going into the half, E-Ville had momentum on their side with multiple pass jams from both jammers Shania Pain and D Mented.

At the half, Tucson’s substantial lead had dwindled to a not-uncomfortable 120-97.

Photo credit Sean Hale

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography.

In the second period, E-Ville looked to ride the momentum of their previous scoring run, hoping to continue to stifle the speed of  Mystery Meat and the evasiveness of Shana Banana Hammock. E-Ville wouldn’t score, however, until Scarstruck put up 25 points in Jam 4 of this second game half, and for the next 11 jams they were only able to notch 2 more points onto their total.

Mystery Meat and Deathproof continued to deal differential blows, with Tucson nabbing a notable lead 14 out of the first 15 jams of the second half. Despite strong blocking from #333 Tuf Luf and #47 Natty Dredd, E-Ville just could not get control of the game.

Tucson played the game their way the whole time, keeping control of play and holding on to game lead throughout. In the end, E-Ville’s Shania Pain topped the jammer list, putting up a solid 63 points. While Mystery Meat took the title for Tucson, thanks to 108 points scored and a 67% lead jam rate.

Final score came in at 250 – 149, with Tucson Saddletramps taking the game.


Photo credit Sean Hale

E-Ville will go on to play the #6 seed, Middlesbrough, at 8:30pm EST Friday night, while Tucson will advance to the 10:30am EST Saturday game against the winner of #7 Boston vs #10 Pirate City.

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