#9 No Coast Derby Girls take down #8 Ohio Roller Derby, 215-143

#9 No Coast Derby Girls take down #8 Ohio Roller Derby, 215-143 Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography

The last time these two teams met, #8 seed Ohio Roller Derby took down #9 seed No Coast by around 30 points. But this time, No Coast was clearly not about to relive that experience, taking charge of the game and keeping Ohio in a large deficit for most of play. Heavy penalty counts on both sides led to a few foul outs, and Ohio’s 15 jammer penalties greatly affected their scoring ability.

Ohio turned their lead jam percentage around in the second half, but 119 total points by No Coast’s Slam kept Ohio from digging too far out of their deficit. No Coast remained in control and took the win, 215-143.

Game three got off to a slow start with a couple of time outs breaking up gameplay, while few points were scored on both sides. Slam put up the first nine points in No Coast’s favor, while Gorges Curves earned the first jammer penalty with a track cut. After that, Ohio slowly added points before a 19-point power jam put them over the top for game lead, leaving the score at 28-14.

A string of five lead jammer statuses put No Coast back in the lead and forced Ohio to pass the star to help end the jam. Slammerhead and Betty T. KayO from Ohio helped slow down Slam in another power jam, but No Coast was able to keep pushing their lead to peak at 75-37, with 13 minutes left in the first half.

A few jams ensued where No Coast earned a narrow lead status, but Ohio exited the pack moments after them, resulting in quick calls offs. Then Gorges Curves was able to snag lead while the small but mighty Chainsaw held down the Ohio tripod that struggled against Frostbite. As the go-to offensive player for No Coast, Ripa showed they weren’t jammer shy and took a star pass to hold Ohio to just three points against the team.

In the next jam, while No Coast’s Babe was returning behind a blocker, they miscalculated the angle and ended up in the box with a cut. That gave Pain Train a power jam, much to the delight of the many Ohioans who had made the three-hour trip to cheer them on.

However, soon after, the sides switched power jams as by the time Babe returned to the track, Pain Train earned a forearm. By the end of that jam, Ohio did gain some points with a 7-5 jam pushing back, leaving the score 82-47 in No Coast’s favor.

By the end of the first half, No Coast widened the gap to 104-51.


Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography

Ohio kicked off the second half in control of the game, taking the first seven lead jam statuses in a row. They were only able to add small points each time, due to No Coast’s star passes. Ripa again was the recipient of these, and was able to add 31 points total from two different jams. With 16 minutes left, No Coast maintained the game lead at 152-90.

Ohio continued to make strides throughout the second half of play, but fumbled with jammer penalties. Blocker penalties started to take their toll on No Coast, and with 12 minutes left in the game both Ripa and Bully fouled out.

Ohio kept up a strong game and fought to the very last jam, but No Coast stayed in control of the game and took the win 215-143. Pain Train and Gorges Curves were top scorers for Ohio at 60 and 50 points respectively, and as mentioned Slam took on the majority of No Coast’s points. Second to them was pivot Ripa with 31 star pass points, followed by Chewie with 22.

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography

#9 seed No Coast will face #16 Dublin at 6pm to decide who will advance to the final game of this bracket and a spot in the Championship bracket on Sunday.

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