#8 Ohio Overshadows #13 Treasure Valley, 220-113

#8 Ohio Overshadows #13 Treasure Valley, 220-113 Photo credit: Joe Mac. facebook.com/joemacphoto

Following an early lead from #13 Treasure Valley, and a subsequent back-and-forth battle for control of the game, a blistering 73-18 run from Ohio to finish out the half sent their Idaho-based opponents home empty-handed.

A trio of powerful jamming performances from Gorges Curves, Val Holla and Pain Train further extended Ohio’s lead in the second half to give them the win, 220-113. They emerged with a berth against #5 Oklahoma, and a guarantee that they’ll finish out the weekend without dropping below a #10 exit.

An early forearm penalty to Gorges Curves gave Treasure Valley’s Ella Snofury the opening they needed to pick up three scoring passes and fourteen points in the first jam. Sinister Kate, who picked up 23 of their 34 points wearing the pivot stripe, prevented Ohio’s first lead call of the game from causing much damage, putting Treasure Valley up 18-6 after only two jams.

Two more lead jammer calls to Val Holla and Gorges Curves gave Ohio their first scoreboard advantage of the game. An 8-2 jam from Ella Snofury briefly returned the lead to Treasure Valley. But the following 8-1 jam, capped by a dramatic apex jump from Val Holla, gave Ohio the lead they wouldn’t relinquish for the rest of the game.

An eight-point jam from Pain Train was cut short by a back block, providing Treasure Valley’s Cherry effBOMB an opportunity. Cherry took nine points on two passes and had just escaped the pack on the way to a third pass as the jam time hit two minutes, putting the score at 82-44 in favor of Ohio.

These were the last points Treasure Valley would score in the half, as Ohio’s trio of jammers picked up fifteen more points between them and ended the half with a 97-44 lead.

Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Treasure Valley regained their momentum as action resumed, picking up five from Ella Snofury and going blow for blow with Ohio for much of the second half.

Val Holla, a modest presence on the track since taking the lead for Ohio early in the game, made her mark on the game in a big way in the third jam of the period, putting up 26 of her 63 points in one jam. Her defensive line of Lora ‘Outa My’ Wayman, Bigg Rigg, Slammerhead and Zee ‘Loraine Acid’ Gulertekin controlled a full-strength Treasure Valley line for a full three scoring passes. The quartet only relented with a pair of penalties to Wayman and Slammerhead, and a Treasure Valley star pass to Ana Highway to Hell.

A pair of jammer penalties to Pain Train and Ella Snofury,  and an Ohio star pass to Wayman left both teams at a 5-5 stalemate, but a reinvigorated Ella forced a second consecutive star pass by Ohio and put the score at 140-68.

Raggedy Ann-ihilation made her own mark as a pivot, taking two star passes from Dawn of the Shred in three straight jams on the track, racking up 14 points in the process. Pain Train picked up another fifteen points in four passes for Ohio, putting them at 160-91.

In spite of a 14-point performance from pivot Sinister Kate atop penalties for both teams’ original jammers, Ohio went on a 60-22 run to close out the game and take the final win, 220-113. They’ll take on Oklahoma at 6pm EDT for a shot at the 7th place game.

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