7th Place: #5 Oklahoma repeats Victory over #15 E-Ville, 295-238

7th Place: #5 Oklahoma repeats Victory over #15 E-Ville, 295-238 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography. facebook.com/SteveJurkovicRollerDerby

The day of rematches started with the  #45 Oklahoma Victory Dolls and #57 E-Ville Roller Derby, reliving not a game from this tournament, but their Championship matchup from Loveland, Colorado’s Mayday Mayhem Tournament in June. In that matchup, OKVD came out 45 points on top of E-Ville despite E-Ville’s impressive run of wins that weekend.

Oklahoma, with scoring machines #50 Trigger Trixie and #187 Little Shanksta on the roster, was putting on the pressure from jam one, and ultimately put up 67 points in the first 7 jams. However, Trixie’s run would end in Jam 8 when she was ejected from the game for avoidable contact with an official. Fans of OKVD were unsure how the team would rebound from that blow so early on. E-Ville was there to take advantage as 18 points gained for OKVD in Jam 10 would be the last time they would score for six jams.

Quietly chipping away at the score was primarily #24 Shania Pain and #19 D Mented. Along with punishing defense from all-over-the-track #8 Tron, E-Ville was able to spend the latter half of the first period putting up a series of one pass jams. E-Ville had a rash of penalties plague them towards the end of the first half, and did not take a second to calm down and regroup. The result was OKVD taking advantage of their mistakes by having a 2-17-15 string of points in a row that reasserted OKVD’s authority in the game.

At the half, E-Ville had snuck within striking distance, but Oklahoma still led 116-93.

The second period did not improve for E-Ville. Try as they might to get a handle on the game, OKVD kept slapping it right out of their hand. E-Ville only had five jams in the entire second half where they did not score on multiple passes; however OKVD only had two jams where they did not. With those stats, coupled with the fact that only 16 jams even happened in the second half, it’s clear that OKVD had gone to a long-game strategy and not doing hit-and-quits jams. They were running jams long, trading points, and hoping E-Ville would continue to make mistakes.

And they did, giving OKVD six power jams in the second period. Oklahoma was not perfect, putting four jammer penalties up on their own, and giving Shania Pain a 24-point jam with under 3 minutes left in the game. #8 Sharp E MarkHer of OKVD was brutal on jammers who tried to use the line to sneak by and worked so smoothly with teammates #2 Twisted Armani, #85 E-BOMB, and #3 Brittani Betch.

Shania Pain was, by far, the lead scorer in the game, putting up 135 points by the end, but against #46 Fatal Infernos’ 95 points with 75% lead status and #12 Czech 1-2’s 81 points with 100% lead, E-Ville could not recover.

In the end, OKVD triumphed over the E-Ville Dead 295-238 and took home 7th place.

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