#7 Boston takes down #2 Tucson, 196-110

#7 Boston takes down #2 Tucson, 196-110 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography. facebook.com/SteveJurkovicRollerDerby

The first jam of Game 14 set the tone with tough defense and hard hits. As things progressed, Boston’s ability to earn lead status more often allowed them to control the game and push their lead to a comfortable zone. Tucson fought tooth and nail for every point, but nine total jammer penalties ultimately hurt their scoring chances.

Advancing to the final game on Track 2 today at 8:30pm EDT, Boston defeated Tucson, 196-110.

In the first jam of the game, Tucson’s Judo Gnomi plowed through Boston’s wall to open it up for Mystery Meat and get the first lead jammer status. Able to make a couple rounds of scoring while their blockers held tight to Maya Mangleyou, never getting pushed past the pivot line. Calling the jam off with nine points under their belt, the jam ended with Mangle in the box with a low block, setting them up for a power start.

A few jams later, Boston got their own power jam, getting them on the score board and tying the game at 13 points. In this game, Boston’s four jammer rotation traded out Janelle Ellison, and added in Swirko. During a string of lead jams for Boston, Swirko added in nine points and brought their lead to 32-13 with ten minutes past.

After a timeout, Tucson’s defense returned to the track and held tight to HardCore while Death Proof started lapping her. Boston tried to end her scoring streak by passing the star to Wednesday Atoms, but she took a seat in the box with a track cut and Tucson ended the jam with 15 points. They weren’t able to carry on that momentum, however, and Boston resumed their scoring.

With a Tucson pack advantage, Boston’s Little Loca and Atoms battled with Death Proof, not allowing an easy lead. They lost Hardcore to the box however, and with Death Proof trying to pass the star, nobody was able to earn lead status. Shark Week returned to the track with HardCore, leading the way for two points. With the score at 52-28 for Boston, Tucson took their official review with 12 minutes in the half.

The break afforded by their review call kickstarted some scoring for Tucson once again, and with a flying leap across the apex, Mystery Meat called off the jam. At first, there were no points awarded, but the officials discussed and added four to their total. Two more leads got them seven more points, but they were going to have to make a bigger dent if they wanted to overcome Boston’s early lead.

As the last ten minute ticked down, Tucson’s struggles started to dig them a deeper hole. First, Shana Banana Hammock got the unfortunate jammer penalty of initiating on an out of play blocker, giving a power jam to Swirko. That penalty carried into the next jam, giving Boston a total of seven points while their jammer was boxed. Boston got another lead jammer status, and Tucson passed the star to Blaxican Bomber, who almost escaped quickly but then got sucked back into the pack. Later, Shana had to stop to fix her wheel and then ultimately pass the star while Kacie McLean was off scoring grand slams for Boston.

By the end of the first half, Boston had almost broken the century mark with their game lead over Tucson sitting at 99-49.

The second half started with both jammers taking seat in the box, and both team’s blockers doing their best to break things up. Blaxican Bomber loosened up the pack and things seemed like they might swing Tucson’s way, but then Death Proof got stopped by some excellent one-on-one blocking by Agent MauledHer.

Boston’s controlled gameplay kept their scoring momentum going, along with the ability of blockers like Shark Week and MC Slammer to hold jammers while at a pack disadvantage, which continued to open doors for lead status. They scored 57 points over nine jams, keeping Tucson to just 14 points scored in the same time frame.

In the final quarter of the game, Tucson was able to get their jammer out first more often, and started to chip away at the score. Again, they weren’t getting the big scoring numbers they really needed, as Boston was sure not to let the game get close like their 10-point win against Pirate City the day before.

The game closed with a 196-110 win for Boston, advancing them to the winner’s circle of Playoffs and a spot in Champs on Sunday.

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