#5 Oklahoma Victory roll past #8 Ohio, 182-164

#5 Oklahoma Victory roll past #8 Ohio, 182-164 Photo credit: Joe Mac. facebook.com/joemacphoto

A very close game between #48-ranked Ohio Roller Derby and #45 Oklahoma Victory Dolls had five lead changes. Power jams were part of those power swings, and each team had main scorers who helped push the score. Ohio got within two points as the game came to a close, but a string of lead jams for Oklahoma helped them secure the win, 182-164.

The first jam ended up being a power jam for Lil Shanksta and Oklahoma Victory Dolls, where they put up eight points while Gorges Curves sat with a forearm penalty. OKVD followed up with 11 more points in the next jam by Trigger Trixie getting them to a quick 19-0 lead in the first two jams.

Ohio got their turn at power jam points in the following jam, getting their first 10 by Val Holla. When Trigger returned she passed the star on to keep their scoring to a minimum. Gorges returned to the box again in the fourth jam, but Ohio blockers continually knocked Shanksta out, keeping her to just four points.

Ohio veered from their main jammer rotation and added Loraine Acid in the mix early in the game. A small but strong blocker, she wasn’t able to get lead status as a jammer and Oklahoma pushed forward on their scoring run to 35-12.

About 15 minutes into the game, Trigger got lead but went to the box, resulting in a full two-minute jam. Pain Train was able to get more points for Ohio with a 14-4 jam in their favor, making the score 39-26. After that, things slowed down and scoring came at a minimum as jammers chased each other out of the pack. Oklahoma stayed ahead in the score, but Ohio kept coming back with points of their own, bringing it within four points, and then taking the lead 78-69 with a 13-point jam by Pain Train, bringing the game to halftime.

Emma C. Hammer got the first two points coming back in the second half, but when Lil Shanksta sat with a penalty, Pain Train was able to add nine more points. After that, Oklahoma started taking risks by letting Ohio score when they had lead status. They scored more in each jam and brought it to a seven-point game.

Ohio called for an official review and ended up winning it back after getting a cut called on Trigger Trigger. Oklahoma’s recycling triangle performed exceptionally though, keeping Pain Train to just three points. They couldn’t repeat the penalty kill, however, and Val Holla followed up with 15 points, bringing the score to 116-91 with 22 minutes left.

Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Photo credit: Joe Mac.

Oklahoma had their turn at a power jam when Lorraine Acid sat in the box, and they kept here there into the next jam to get a power start. Both jams yielded them 20 points, but they still trailed by nine points. Again, points came in small doses for both teams, but a few more lead statuses by Oklahoma helped them tie up the game at 122.

Pain Train had been putting up big points already this weekend, but in this game, her footwork was on point. She slid around packs at the edges and always seemed keep forward momentum. Again, things came down to who earned lead status, and the score flipped back and forth a couple more times.

When Pain Train took a forearm penalty after earning lead status, Lethal Lamb passed the star to E-BOMB and by the end of two minutes both sides had scored 13 points. In the following jam Trigger got lead and after letting the jam go long they scored 13 points to Ohio’s four and took the lead 157-155 with five minutes left.

As things ticked down Ohio started using timeouts to get more time, but a forearm on Gorges made it harder for them to try and close the gap. Since Oklahoma had control they sped the pack away and Emma C. Hammer played some defense on Gorges when she returned the track and the score was 179-155 with 1:17 on the clock. However, Trigger got lead in the next jam and after a 3-9 jam went in Ohio’s favor,  it wasn’t enough to take the score back. With no timeouts left for Ohio, the clock ran out and Oklahoma Victory took the win 182-164.

This win advanced Oklahoma to the consolation bracket on Sunday with a 7th place game against #15 seed E-Ville Roller Derby. Ohio was sent to the 9th place game against #14 Bear City.

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