#5 Oklahoma Victory Dolls clobber #1 Auld Reekie Roller Girls, 251-131

#5 Oklahoma Victory Dolls clobber #1 Auld Reekie Roller Girls, 251-131 Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography. facebook.com/rollerderbyphotography

In the 11th game of this weekend’s D2 tournament, #1 seed Auld Reekie Roller Girls took on the #5 seed Oklahoma Victory Dolls. Auld Reekie lost their first game of the day to #16 seed Dublin Roller Derby 200-183, and Oklahoma was also coming off of a 235-174 loss to Naptown Roller Derby earlier in the day. While both teams came out of the gate looking evenly matched and equally focused on securing the win, Oklahoma’s jamming skills ultimately led them to a 257-131 victory over Auld Reekie.

Auld Reekie started the first half strong, gaining lead jammer status or holding Oklahoma scoreless for the first five consecutive jams. Rosie Peacock had shown previously that they could put up big scoring jams, and in the third jam added 13 points in a power jam while Trigger Trixie took a track cut.

However, Oklahoma quickly began establishing dominance over Auld Reekie, and Lil Shanksta’s seven points got them on the board while Trigger matched six points with Rosie after that. A 12-point power jam put Oklahoma Victory into the lead, and they took control of the game from there.

Photo credit: Joe Mac

Photo credit: Sean Hale

The Victory Dolls relied more so on Trigger Trixie, Emma C. Hammer, and Lil Shanksta, but could also fill in with Fatal Inferno and Czech 1-2. For Auld Reekie, Rosie Peacock took a majority of the team’s points the day before, but in this game scored 34 while Sasha de Buyl-Pisco took 54 points.

Oklahoma’s 65% lead jammer status in the game was a clear indicator of their command of the game, and while they still gave up eight power jams, Auld Reekie took six jammer penalties in each half. Auld Reekie could only put up two double digit scoring jams the whole game, including a 23-point jam by Sasha de Buyl-Pisco, but OKVD was only held scoreless in eight jams.

While Auld Reekie came into the tournament with the highest seed, they were knocked out of the weekend after this second loss. Oklahoma continued in the tournament and played Ohio later that day at 6pm EDT.

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