#4 Jet City flies over #9 No Coast, 182-163

#4 Jet City flies over #9 No Coast, 182-163 Photo credit: Joe Mac

Game 17, between #44-ranked Jet City and #49-ranked No Coast started out with two leads by No Coast followed by a point swing by Jet City. Jet City then held the lead for the rest of the game, but No Coast was sure to make them work for it.

Jammer penalties kept No Coast from making much traction in the first half. But strong and consistent jamming by Slam carried them through the second half, almost to victory. Jet City’s commitment to offense and capitalization of power jams kept them on top, and after a tough battle, Jet City knocked No Coast out of the tournament with a win of 182-163.

No Coast got on the board with the first eight points from two lead jammer status grabs to start. But then five straight leads and some power jams got Jet City ahead, 34-8. No Coast’s Slam decided things were going to go differently, and closed up the gap with 19 power jam points of her own, and the score sat at a much closer 45-32, with Jet City still holding the lead.

Jammer Eva Derci continued to be a lead scorer for Jet City, after scoring 107 points over their previous games. No Coast worked to stop the scoring by playing offense and passing the star, but hard, one on one hits by Jet City kept things in their control.

With ten minutes left in the first half, No Coast used their official review while Jet City led 59-39. The break in gameplay was enough to give No Coast a bit more energy, and while their blockers clung tight to I’llah Smashya Slam worked on a 19-point jam that brought the score within one point.

No Coast’s Frostbite took a seat in the penalty box in the next jam, however, and Jet City swept the opposing wall to get Eva Derci through for four grand slams. That 20 points pushed them away again to solidify their lead, 79-58.

Jet City continued on their run when Slam sat with a track cut. The team then iced her in the box to get a power start. That helped Jet City get over the century mark, with 103 points to No Coast’s 58.

Slam had had issues with penalties in the last game, but kept a clean game after this second penalty. They did continue to be Jet City’s main scorer after scoring about 100 points per game in their previous games and jamming a majority of this game.

No Coast earned their first lead status after four jams, and Chewie was able to snag three points before calling it off. Eight more power jam points by Slam brought the score to 107-69 at halftime. Jet City’s lead was supported by their 60% average lead status and only getting three jammer penalties to No Coast’s seven.

Photo credit: Joe Mac. facebook.com/joemacphoto

Photo credit: Joe Mac. facebook.com/joemacphoto

The second half started with a small comeback by No Coast, with five of the first six lead statuses gaining them 16 points.

But with 20 minutes left in the game Jet City still held the lead, 131-85. No Coast penalties started to affect the team, and with a quarter of the game left, key player Bully fouled out of the game for the third time over the tournament weekend.

Slam was the main problem for Jet City defense, otherwise they were able to hold jammers and still let one of their blockers break off and play offense. Little moves helped the pack stay spread out, and Eva Derci was able to duck under the lanky No Coast blockers and add 20 points to their total. With 14 minutes left, Jet City continued to lead, 158-98.

Scoring slowed down a bit on both sides, but No Coast started jamming Slam every other jam and earned lead status more often, giving them a little more traction in the score. No Coast also utilized their timeouts to stop gameplay and give themselves more time to score. Without more support in scoring, however, they weren’t able to take over the lead, and Jet City won 182-163.

joemac_D2G117 - No Coast vs Jet City_20170819_172215__DSC7966

Jet City moves on to play for 5th place against #2 seed Tucson, meanwhile, No Coast is done for the weekend. Eva Derci topped Jet City’s scoring with 105 points in 13 jams, and Slam added a whopping 140 points to her weekend total.

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