#3 Paris ends the run for #16 Dublin, 259-152

#3 Paris ends the run for #16 Dublin, 259-152 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography. facebook.com/SteveJurkovicRollerDerby

With Boston claiming their spot in the Championship game, #3 Paris Rollergirls and #16 Dublin Roller Derby took to track 1. Dublin, on a winning streak as incredible as any underdog sports film, had their sights set on facing their American cousins in the final game. The Parisians, with revenge on their mind, was not going to let Dublin have the Mighty Ducks ending they were hoping for.

Paris’s #931 General Moulinator had the afterburners on all day long, absolutely barreling through packs despite the best efforts of well-formed Dublin v-formations. #44 Kurdy Malloy had trouble Saturday night against Boston, but found the magic this morning with a 75% lead jam, and putting up 54 points in the first half alone for Paris.

Dublin’s biggest issue was penalties. For the majority of the first half, Dublin was short blockers in the pack. Dublin’s #169 Brewdoll E Lowcock responded well a few times, rolling around the offense to keep Paris jammers locked a couple extra seconds, burning time off of penalties. Paris was not immune from penalty calls, however. Both teams incurred 26 penalties in the first half, Paris putting up two jammer penalties, and Dublin three. Paris was simply better at using short packs to their advantage and gaining lead jammer status no matter what. For the first half, Dublin only scored more than 9 points in one jam, while Paris did it six times.

At the half, Paris held a commanding 131-71 lead.

Dublin made the right adjustments in the 15-minute break. While they had only won lead jammer four times in the ENTIRE first half, they came into Period 2 on a four-lead jam streak, scoring 28 points. Unfortunately, due to unusual call-off strategies, Paris was able to keep pace with a 19-point score in those same four jams.

#333 Sue Percute was relentless in her physical control of Dublin blockers throughout the second half. Even when Dublin would get momentum on their side, Percute and #101 Charlie would give Paris as long as possible to break the pack and score more points. Despite work from #3 Valdamort and physics-defying backward jamming from new Twitter star, #95 Manija, Dublin just could not contain the Paris team.

In the end, Paris Rollergirls exacted their dominance on Dublin Roller Derby, 259-152. The day of re-matches will happen! Dublin Roller Derby advanced to the bronze medal match at 6pm EDT on Track 1 against Naptown Roller Derby. Paris will face Boston Roller Derby, undefeated this weekend, at 8pm EDT on Track 1 for gold.

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