#16 Dublin takes down #9 No Coast, 166-165

#16 Dublin takes down #9 No Coast, 166-165 Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography. facebook.com/rollerderbyphotography

In their first game on Friday, #49-ranked No Coast was able to pull away from #48 Ohio and stay in control, leading to their 72-point win. Their scoring was not spread evenly among their jammers, however, as Slam took the track and the weight of scoring for their second game, having already scored 119 points that day. #58 Dublin had a wider, more consistent jammer rotation which helped them put up big points at crucial moments.

Meeting for the last game of the day on Track 1, No Coast and Dublin played the closest, most exciting game of the day with a spot at Championships on the line. After three lead changes, the game came down to the final seconds of the game, and Dublin was able to steal the win by one point, 166-165.

No Coast started the game with the first six lead statuses, and while they kept Dublin to zero in that time, they were mostly quick calls offs and few points. After two rounds of their regular rotation of Dashing Trudy Snow, Bloody Harry, and Thea, Dublin put Manija on the jam line who finally got their first three points. She also picked up a penalty which boxed her into the next jam, but then returned to snag lead status and add 16 more points while Slam earned the first of six penalties.

Another power jam aided Bloody Harry in 14 more points, giving Dublin the lead at 33-22. No Coast and Dublin traded lead jams and points over the next few jams, but neither team made much headway with the score. It was only when jammers were sitting in the penalty box that either team could make multiple scoring passes and add notable points.

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography

By halftime, Dublin was able to maintain their lead, heading to the break at 64-58 over No Coast. Both teams had picked up five jammer penalties and similar total penalties by this point, but Dublin was able to keep No Coast to only one jam that had two scoring passes. So despite No Coast’s 60% lead status average, they weren’t getting the points they needed.

That changed to start the second half, and after both jammers sat in the box in the second jam, Frostbite put up 13 points for No Coast to Bloody Harry’s 8, taking the lead by three points. Slam extended that after a power start in the next jam, adding 28 points and putting them ahead 103-72.

Dublin caught back up with a 14-point jam, forcing Chewie to pass the star, and then a 13-point power jam put them within 4 points of a game lead switch. A series of lead statuses for No Coast and they pushed away again to 128-116. With no lead and Bloody Harry sitting for a penalty, a 17-11 jam next in No Coast’s favor brought the score to 145-129, with seven minutes left in the game.

With the clock counting down, No Coast had already lost Bully to a foul out and then Dublin’s Manija had to leave with seven penalties as well. Slam was up to four penalties and had already jammed 16 times, but as their most productive jammer, No Coast put her out in six of the remaining seven jams. These absences were noticed across game play.

The next few jams were full of quick leads, small points, and star stashes, but it still seemed like maybe No Coast was going to pull away in the final minutes.

Dublin took a time out while down by 26 points, seemingly to regroup, and then in the next jam Trudy brought the score to a two point game with a massive 24-point power jam. With 1:30 remaining on the clock, No Coast called a timeout and put Slam back out despite them having a long day of jamming, and six penalties on the board.

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography.

Photo credit: Sean Hale Photography.

Lead status in the next jam went to Bloody Harry, but she had Slam hot on her trail. Dublin took a risk and let her score, making it an 8-4 jam and putting Dublin in the lead by a slim two points. They called their last timeout and then Slam took the jam line for the fourth time in a row against Trudy.

No Coast’s continued risk paid off with a lead status. But as the pack sped away from Slam, and Trudy chased her down, things got chaotic. Slam hit the pack to try and get as many points as they could. They called off the jam in a mess of blockers and, as everyone held their breath, the No Coast jam ref held up two points, tying the game at 165.

Dublin’s coach called for one more point, and after a discussion by the refs, it was decided that Trudy had indeed grabbed one last point and the Dublin underdogs took their second game by a single point, 166-165.

That win takes Dublin to the final game of the Track 1 bracket against #12 seed Naptown at 8pm. It also secured their spot in the Championship bracket on Sunday and the possibility of taking the D2 cup. No Coast will have the opportunity to play for 5th place on Sunday against the loser of Game 18, when Columbia and Tucson play.

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