#15 E-Ville rises over Bear City, 207-187

#15 E-Ville rises over Bear City, 207-187 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography. facebook.com/SteveJurkovicRollerDerby

It was a dogfight in Pittsburgh between #14 Bear City and #15 E-Ville, facing off for the first time for the chance to take on #5 Oklahoma and a shot at 7th place. Bear City commanded lead jammer status through much of the game but was undone by a series of high-scoring jams from Shania Pain, as the E-Ville jammer put up 133 points to guide their team to a 207-187 victory.

After three low-scoring jams, Shania Pain capitalized on a trio of Bear City penalties, making seven passes to pick up 33 points and gave E-Ville an early 39-11 lead. Following a series of abbreviated jams in which neither team picked up much ground on the other, a track cut penalty on E-Ville’s D Mented gave Bear City’s Donner Doro a window to pick up four consecutive grand slams for 20 points.

Bear City’s Jane van Pain capitalized on that momentum, immediately picking up five more grand slams for another 28 points as all four E-Ville blockers picked up penalties and sending Bear City from a 33-point deficit to a 15-point advantage in the course of two jams. Bear City would pick up lead jammer in eight of the following ten jams, but E-Ville’s defense proved too much for the Berliners.

A track cut by Jane van Pain gave D-Mented the opportunity they needed to bring E-Ville within four points of a lead change. Mia Missile and Donner Doro added some cushion to Bear City’s lead, but the first half ended with Shania Pain closing the gap with an apex jump, giving E-Ville 13 more points and putting the halftime score at 106-101 in favor of Bear City.

A jammer cut by Mia Missile shortly into the second period gave Shania Pain the power jam they required to briefly retake the lead for E-Ville, but Donner Doro responded with a five point jam to put Bear City back in the lead, at 125-122. Bear City’s trio of jammers took turns incrementally extending their lead, but three consecutive big jams from Shania Pain and Scarstruck put E-Ville back in striking distance.

Scarstruck’s relatively quiet first half was all but a distant memory when they took advantage of some savvy offense from Sneaky Kat to bring E-Ville within 2 points. Both teams fought to a scoreless stalemate for the next two jams and Bear City shut down E-Ville for another two, putting the score at 183-171.

Following a Bear City official review, Shania Pain picked up a track cut as her first penalty of the night, only to be released a few seconds later as Mia Missile picked up a track cut of her own. With only a few minutes left on the period clock, Shania Pain exploded for a 22-point jam and retook the lead. Shania kept the jammer star on for the remainder of the game, putting up 9 more across the next two jams and sealing Bear City’s fate with a final score of 207-187. That put E-Ville in a game against Oklahoma for 7th place on Sunday, while Bear City played Ohio for ninth 9th.

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