11th Place: #11 Columbia Quad Squad Blows Over #9 No Coast Derby Girls, 167-156

11th Place: #11 Columbia Quad Squad Blows Over #9 No Coast Derby Girls, 167-156 Photo credit: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography. facebook.com/SteveJurkovicRollerDerby

In the battle for 11th place, #11 Columbia QuadSquad faced off with #9 No Coast Derby Girls in a game that can only be described as whiplash-inducing. From the start, both teams exchanged lead repeatedly through the duration of the game, sometimes multiple times in the same jam. It was unclear who would take this fierce, penalty-heavy game as these teams were extraordinarily evenly matched. This was the case through the very last jam, but Columbia ultimately clinched victory, winning 167-156.

The QuadSquad started this game claiming lead jammer status in the first couple of jams. In a statistical anomaly, No Coast actually achieved lead jammer more frequently than Columbia, getting lead 25 times to Columbia’s 19, but Columbia was able to stay in the lead or just within reach of the QuadSquad for the entirety of the game.

No Coast once again utilized Slam as their primary jammer. Slam took 87 of the Mad Maxines’ 156 points, followed by Frostbite, who scored 59. For Columbia, Poison Violet was a pivotal jammer, scoring 77 of the team’s total points, with Gilly the Kid taking home 52.

During the first half, Columbia held No Coast scoreless for seven full jams, but No Coast used this as momentum and quickly regained their footing. Solid blocking from Bully helped No Coast hold Columbia’s jammers time and again. With about nine and a half minutes left to play, No Coast reclaimed lead over Columbia, and held it for a bit. After several back and forth lead changes in the last ten minutes, the score was 74-71 at the half with Columbia in the lead.

No Coast came out strong in the second half, but by this point, both teams seemed to be feeling the effects of a three-day tournament and a tough game, as penalties were already quite high. By the end of the game, both teams had a total of 42 penalties, which certainly hurt both. Within the first eight minutes of play, No Coast established a 20-point lead over Columbia, but Columbia soon answered and had taken lead 123-111 with just under 20 minutes left in the game. Bully, one of No Coast’s primary blockers, fouled out around this time as well, which was troublesome for No Coast in this nail-biting game.

Columbia then held lead for much of the game, with No Coast fairly consistently right on their tails point-wise and jamming wise. With only three minutes left in the game, No Coast took lead again, the score 156-154 after the 21st jam of the half. Columbia took a time out that seemed to help them button up a bit, as they came back and reclaimed lead again. No Coast did not go down without a fight, but Columbia held lead for the final two jams, ultimately taking home 11th place with a 167-156 victory over the Mad Maxines.

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