Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting for the WFTDA Playoff Announcement

Top 10 Things to Do While Waiting for the WFTDA Playoff Announcement Photo credit: Sean Hale

This Friday WFTDA will release the rankings for June which will also include seeding for the 2017 Playoff tournaments. This year things are a little different with only three Division 1 Playoff locations, dual tracks for Division 2 Playoffs with their Champs being played on the same weekend, and only 54 spots for teams in the postseason this year. It will also be the first time a WFTDA tournament is being held outside North America with the Crime City Rollers hosting a D1 Playoff in Malmö, Sweden.

It’s safe to say the anticipation is even greater this year with a higher bar to reach and likely a different set of teams needing to make overseas travel plans. After a stress-inducing fight to the Hydra last year and some interesting competition so far in 2017, it seems as if there’s no shoo-in for Champs this year. If you need help passing the time until Friday, Sean Hale has got a few things to keep you busy.

10. Review the MRDA Playoff teams, and match which teams may have the most delightful accent for the hometown fans.

9. As teams figure out which playoff location they’re going to, you begin deciding what you will wear to the Champs’ after party.

8. Rifle through what information you can find on Malmö, also known as Crime City, and hope the crime they’re referring to is lots of jaywalking and public inebriation.

7. Re-watch all of Champs from last year. Have a health care provider on-site for the really close games.

6. Prepare for your intense playoff conversations with flashcards that have teams on one side and players on the other so you won’t forget who has transferred to where. ( i.e. Stef Mainey/Bay Area; Bonnie Thunders/Rose City; Brawn Swanson/Denver)

5. Focus your undivided attention on your JRDA Champs brackets for this weekend. (Watch on

4. Figure out just how many more RollerCon challenge game teams you can sneak your way onto.

3. Finish editing your photos from the BMore Classic, ECDX, Memorial Day Mayhem, and Battle of Bunker Hill. (This may be just limited to certain photographers…named Hale Yeah.)

2. Binge-watch all seasons of Game of Thrones to prepare yourself for its return this weekend.


1. Begin learning the proper cheers of 40 different nations in dozens of different languages for the upcoming Roller Derby World Cup.

The announcement will be posted Friday at 2pm EDT/8pm CEST according to WFTDA, and Derby Central will follow up with a quick analysis of what the Playoff scene will look like this year. Check out our May rankings update and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all your 2017 Playoff updates!

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