2018 Roller Derby World Cup Announcement

2018 Roller Derby World Cup Announcement Photo credit: Danforth Johnson

The location and dates for the third Roller Derby World Cup were announced today, information that skaters all over the world were eager to hear. The first two Cups were held in North America, Toronto in 2011 and Dallas in 2014, and took place over the first weekend in December. This year, however, it will be moving to a new continent and will be pushed back a little further to put the next World Cup tournament in 2018.

The Roller Derby World Cup Committee along with the Roller Derby Nations Committee, a group that formed after the last world cup, revealed that Rainy City Roller Derby in Manchester, England will be the host of the next World Cup. It will take place February 1-4 in 2018, two months later than originally expected.

The Cup will be held at EventCity, a 172,000 square foot (16,000 square meters) event space, the second largest venue outside London. They typically host large parties, events, and trade shows, and boast 3,000 free parking spaces with numerous hotels about 10-15 minutes away. Since the last World Cup more than doubled in the number of teams attending, there will need to be plenty of space for 30+ likely teams.

You may remember the Rainy City league from WFTDA Playoffs this year, where they made their tournament debut in Columbia and took 6th place. We talked to them in July about their rise in the rankings, the revamp of their website and branding, and how they took on their own practice and bouting space in 2011. It’s clear they know how to put in the hours to achieve their goals, and now they will be challenged with hosting the world in a little over a year’s time.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

Many World Cup teams have released their charters or rosters, and others have already battled each other on the track. USA Roller Derby chatted with us about their new look and plans for future growth earlier this year, and we will have more team profiles to come. At the end of November Team Wales hosted France, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, West Indies, and Belgium for a two-day tournament in which France took 1st place over Sweden. The tournament was called Road to TBC since the location was yet to be confirmed at the time, but it’s clear many teams have already started on the path towards the World Cup despite the details just now being confirmed.

Look forward to more information on the Roller Derby Nations Committee and team highlights over the next year as we begin the countdown to the next Roller Derby World Cup.

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