2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #2 Victoria takes down #10 Jacksonville, 231-98

2016 WFTDA D1 Champs: #2 Victoria takes down #10 Jacksonville, 231-98 Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

PORTLAND, OR – In the third quarterfinal game of the day we got our first glimpse of #2 ranked Victoria this weekend while #10 Jacksonville returned to the track after beating Minnesota by 49 points yesterday. Jacksonville’s defense rivaled Victoria at times, leading to slow, pushing jams with jammers stuck in respective braced tripods. It was Victoria’s good sense of pack and speed control combined with excellent line coverage kept Jacksonville’s scoring to a minimum, giving VRDL the win 231-98.

While Jacksonville’s Jamsterella got the first lead status of the game, she got sucked back into the pack and was forced into a track cut and gave the first power jam to Victoria. In the full two minute jam Victoria took the first game lead with 8 points by Christy Demons to 4 for Jamsterella. Erin Jackson got 4 quick points for Jacksonville next and tied it up at 8 points.

Victoria gave up a blocker from their usual quad for offense at the jam start, and Mick Swagger took on that job by sitting directly in the middle of the Jacksonville defense. Along with that assistance, Jamsterella took another penalty and Victoria went on a 36-0 run to bring the score to 46-8 about ten minutes into the game.

A forearm put Mary Swagdalene* in the box and Jacksonville got their first power jam of the game. They first fell back and swarmed VRDL to spring Erin Jackson from the pack and then trapping Serelson, she put up five points. Serelson caught her on the next pass, but Jackson’s speed got her around for a 15 point jam to five points by Swagdalene before the jam ended. Those points put Jacksonville back in the game 51-23 with 16 minutes left.

Each team worked through a four jammer rotation, and we saw a more consistent comeback by Christy Demons after she only spent four sanctioned jams on track this year. She and Giles went point for point this game, and they were first supplemented by Lady Trample and Swagdalene. Trample had many exciting moves at Playoffs, but Jacksonville seemed to keep that to a minimum today.

Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

Photo credit: Regularman Photography.

After Jamsterealla’s amazing game yesterday with 94 points, she wasn’t as successful today. She and Erin Jackson work best with speed and slipping by along the edges of the pack, but Victoria did a good job closing down the sides by moving their tripod laterally as a unit instead of rotating every time. Snot Rocket Science and Krispy Kreme-Her completed their jammer rotation, and with only three lead jammers statuses in the first half for Jacksonville, they mostly picked up points when Victoria went long or gave up power jams.

With a couple more jammer penalties late in the first half, Victoria effectively sped away to cancel out the offensive efforts of Jacksonville and started to wear down Jacksonville jammers. On their own power jam, Victoria quickly turned from offense to defense to catch Snot Rocket Science on her return from the box, and while Giles used swift footwork to get through the pack she met Patti Smithereens who dropped her with a solid backwards hit. She sat in the box with a direction of play and VRDL used their official review to try and upgrade it to an expulsion. They did not win and by halftime Victoria led 122-56.

Jacksonville was able to earn lead status more often in the second half, but Victoria was able to clean up their pack penalties which helped reinforced their soul-crushing defense. With a strong hold on the game, VRDL gave a few jams to IvyKnivey and Super Maria which reduced their blocking contingent to just eight skaters.

Noam Bombsky and Eirinn Go Brawl made sure to get in the way of VRDL jammers, and Stephanie Gentz couldn’t resist a good run back. They continued to use a braced tripod that forced Victoria to fight and tried to keep giving offense to their own jammers. With Erin Jackson finding a bit more room to use her speed in the second half, Jacksonville seemed more productive but couldn’t dig out of the deficit they started in the first half.

Photo credit: Quick'N'Derby.

Photo credit: Quick’N’Derby.

Victoria ran out the clock in the last jam with 19 points by Super Maria and called it off for a 231-98 victory. Giles and Christy Demons finished the game with 58 points each, followed by Lady Trample with 44. Erin Jackson took top scorer for Jacksonville with 44 points and Snot Rocket Science spun her way to 29 points.

Victoria showed great strength and endurance with a limited blocking rotation and will have many jammer options looking forward to their semifinal game against the winner of Rose City and Texas 8:30pm PDT.

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*Previously known as Mary Fagdalene, she has changed her name to Swagdalene.

#talk2wftda She’s going by Mary Swagdalene as of this weekend, gettin’ hitched to Mick Swagger. 🙂 https://t.co/06HoLuXSx9


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