2016 MRDA Champs Central

2016 MRDA Champs Central Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The Championships for the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is taking place in North Richland Hills, Texas, and hosted by Texas Men’s Roller Derby. Over the 15th and 16th, ten teams will battle through the bracket to decide the 2016 Champion.

The seeding for this tournament was based off of the top ten teams in the MRDA’s fall rankings. The bracket starts out much like WFTDA’s Playoff tournaments, with last year’s Champions St. Louis GateKeepers and 3-time Champion Your Mom Men’s Roller Derby earning a first round bye, but there isn’t a full consolation bracket to place all teams. Catch up on how it all works and how each team got this far with Muckety Muck’s preview.

Check back here for scores and recaps throughout the weekend. The schedule below show times in Central Daylight Time (CDT) and British Summer Time (BST). Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for pictures and updates as well, and catch all the action on the free livestream!

G1 9am CDT/3pm BST
#7 Southern Discomfort vs #10 Vancouver Murder
Halftime: SoDisco 112-16 Vancouver; Final: SoDisco 216-80 Vancouver

G2 11am CDT/5pm BST
#8 Magic City vs #9 San Diego
Halftime: Magic City 95-95 San Diego; Final: Magic City 218-169 San Diego

G3 1pm CDT/7pm BST
#3 Texas vs #6 Puget Sound
Halftime: Texas 114-58 Puget Sound; Final: Texas 260-123 Puget Sound

G4 3pm CDT/9pm BST
#4 Bridgetown vs #5 New York
Halftime: NYSE 77-67 Bridgetown; Final: Bridgetown 167-100 NYSE

G5 5pm CDT/11pm BST
#2 Your Mom vs #7 Southern Discomfort
Halftime: Your Mom 104-45 SoDisco; Final: Your Mom 201-105 SoDisco

G6 7pm CDT/1am BST
#1 St. Louis vs #8 Magic City
Halftime: St. Louis 115-18 Magic City; Final: St. Louis 250-54 Magic City

G7 9am CDT/3pm BST
#3 Texas vs #2 Your Mom
Halftime: Texas 101-82 Your Mom; Final: Your Mom 214-152 Texas

G8 11am CDT/5pm BST
#1 St. Louis vs #4 Bridgetown
Halftime: St. Louis 67-39 Bridgetown; Final: St. Louis 132-87 Bridgetown

G9 1pm CDT/7pm BST
9th Place: #10 Vancouver vs #9 San Diego
Halftime: Vancouver 125-68 San Diego; Final: Vancouver 232-128 San Diego

G10 3pm CDT/9pm BST
5th Place: #5 New York vs #6 Puget Sound
Halftime: NYSE 95-55 Puget Sound; Final: NYSE 180-126 Puget Sound

G11 5pm CDT/11pm BST
3rd Place: #3 Texas vs #4 Bridgetown
Halftime: Texas 86-61 Bridgetown, Final: Texas 150-143 Bridgetown

G12 7pm CDT/1am BST
1st Place: #1 St. Louis vs #2 Your Mom
Halftime: St. Louis 95-57 Your Mom; Final: St. Louis 165-129 Your Mom


Evan Jones Sportsmanship Award: The Enabler – Texas Men’s Roller Derby
Tournament MVB: Tommy Gunn – Bridgetown Menace
Tournament MVJ: Corey Porter – St. Louis GateKeepers



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