D1V #9: Queen City dethrones #7 Sacred City, 242-160

D1V #9: Queen City dethrones #7 Sacred City, 242-160 Photo credit: Joe Mac

VANCOUVER, BC – While both teams,#9 Queen City and #7 Sacred City, seemed fairly evenly matched in terms of blocking and jammer strength, major penalty trouble throughout the entire game on Sacred City’s side left them at a large disadvantage in this game. They were unable to overtake Queen City after the first few jams. After a tough fight by both teams, Queen City took the win, 242 to 160.

This game began with both teams scoring two points in the first jam. Pink Freud got lead for Sacred City, but was very closely followed by Librawlian for Queen City. This initial jam was a good reflection of the close skill match between both teams, as the game continued to develop along those lines.

In the next jam, The 4closer obtained lead for Sacred, and took four points and called the jam with inSINerator hot on her heels. The score at that point was 6 to 2, with 28:20 left in the half.

Sacred City steadily increased their lead over Queen City, though Queen was not far behind them. With 21:35 left in the half, the score was 23 to 17 in Sacred City’s favor, and seemed set to continue to climb.

At this point, action on the track began to shift in Queen City’s favor. In the ninth jam in Queen City took a huge 34-point jam by Librawlian, bringing the score to 58-27. This was really the turning point of the game, as Sacred was never quite able to recover from this huge jam, despite their best efforts.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Throughout this game, Sacred obtained lead jammer status 47.7% of the time – a close second to Queen City’s 52.2% – once again showing their generally even skill match. But crucially, Sacred ended the game with 46 total penalties to Queen City’s 32, which is ultimately what seemed to have cost Sacred this game.

Queen City continued to put up more points over Sacred, with no huge jams for either team throughout the first half. But, with about 10 minutes left in the half, the score was 100-48, in Queen City’s favor. The score stayed here for the next four jams as Sacred pushed back on Queen City.

With this much time left in the game, it still could have genuinely been anyone’s game, but Queen City showed over and over that they were here to win as they continued playing smart and taking advantage of Sacred’s penalty troubles.

Sacred seemed to pick up some momentum in the last few jams of the half, putting up some points and holding Queen City to fewer points than they had been gaining prior, but they were still unable to really close in on Sacred. By the end of the first half, the score stood 137-95, in Queen City’s favor.

Sacred City began the first half with some renewed momentum, but they weren’t able to translate this to significant point gain. About 10 minutes into the half, Queen City held the lead, 161-108.

Queen City was steadily cycling their main jammer rotation of Librawlian, inSINerator, and Miss Fire, with Librawlian and inSINerator scoring the majority of the Lake Effect Furies’ points.

At the same time, Sacred City was rotating The 4closer and Pink Freud who took most of the points for Sacred throughout the game. Sacred also jammed Talls a handful of times, but generally stuck with a two-jammer rotation.

The second half continued as much of the game prior had, with Sacred having players in the box in nearly every jam, leaving them short of full-force against Queen City. With about 14:30 left in the half, the score was 190 to 108, and it was becoming clear that Sacred was unlikely to overturn Queen City.

With about five minutes left to play, Sacred lost two players – Blushy Lushy and Gnar Gnar Jinx, Blushy taking her seventh and eighth penalty of the game and Gnar Gnar taking her seventh. After this difficult jam, the score was a widening 227-151 in Queen City’s favor. The game ended with Bricks Hit-house taking a star pass for Queen City, taking seven points and letting the jam and game end.

Photo credit: Joe Mac

Photo credit: Joe Mac

Queen City took the win 242 to 160, and will go on to play for fifth place tomorrow at 2 pm PDT, while Sacred City plays again at noon for 7th.

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