D1V: #9 Queen City beheads #6 Naptown, 160-138

D1V: #9 Queen City beheads #6 Naptown, 160-138 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – In what started off quick and even between the 22 WFTDA ranked Naptown Tornado Sirens and 36 ranked Queen City Lake Effect Furies eventually became the nickel-and-dime show as both teams duked it out in the quest for the 5th place bracket, and the chance to face Sacred City Derby Girls later on today at 4:00pm PST.

Naptown had just come off a tough day 1 loss against the #3 seeded Rat City Roller Girls, while Queen City lost against the 8th seeded Stockholm Roller Derby All Stars, before each team met. And while the fiery start shot both teams up, small increments was what eventually won out, as Queen City pushed ahead to take the win, 160-138.

In what ended up being a tie late in the first half, the opening to the game was quick and dirty. Both teams were firing on all cylinders and Naptown opened with a 5 jam score shut out to Queen City, but with only 2 of those with lead, was only able to claim 14 points themselves with over 6 minutes expiring on the game clock.

Unfortunately for the Tornado Sirens, the Lake Effect Furies brought their strengths to the game, starting to push back, and claiming more jammer lead statuses. A score turning point was reached once Dana Scullcrusher received two cutting-the-track penalties, after Eve Ann Hellical took lead jammer status, only to lose it from a low-block penalty.

The full two minute jam was only rivaled late in the half after Queen City came as close as a 2 point differential, before the LiBRAWLian was forced into two cut-track penalties by the Tornado Sirens’ defense. At this time, in jam 23 with less than 3 minutes left to go, Cherry-oto-Fire picked up a cut track penalty as well, forcing a full two minute jam and closed the gap by 4 points, running into half-time with at tied score at 65 apiece.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Overall players worth watching were Pepper Stix, for amazing blocking and offensive creation, Shiva Diva for track awareness and strong plays, LiBRAWLian, for jammer clinic technique, and inSINerator, for up-the-middle destruction.

Strategically, what held Naptown back from an offensive joust to Queen City was the lead-scorer LiBRAWLian. Not only was LiBRAWLian at near 100% Lead Jammer success rate in the first half, but also LiBRAWLian was overall near 73% the entire game earning lead. This led the Furies to control the clock much better than the Tornado Sirens.

Aside from better time management, the Lake Effect Furies also spent less time in the penalty box, and scored more points; this true even when only scoring one point per jam, the Queen City jammers showed patience and practice in earning value for every score.

The second round of the contest showed the force that the Lake Effect can deliver if given the opportunity. With first jam underway, LiBRAWLian threw 20 points to Queen City’s total, while Maiden America picked up a track cut.

After that strong showing, the next 5 jams held Naptown scoreless seeming to flip the script to what the audience saw in the first jams of the first half, but now in Queen City’s favor.

Queen City went on to prove that their strengths lie not just in jamming, but also in blocking and the ability to hold and slow a jammer to near stopped on the track.

Naptown’s jammer highlight was Eve Anne Hellical, who found her stride as a jammer late in the game but displayed tremendous gumption and footwork. Maiden America came away with 65 total points as the team’s leading score maker, with a fantastic run with sister-in-jams Cherry-oto-Fire. Although LiBRAWLian was top scorer, with 84 total points in the contest, while InSINerator and Miss Fire were equally quick to deter the Naptown defense.

The game started to come to a close with Wham Bam, Mutant Jean, Scorpiopathic, Shiva Diva, and Trudy Bauchery putting on the defensive pressure for Naptown. While Tabrina Schreier, Vajenna Warror, and Pepper Stix came to the rescue to secure an ultimate win for Queen City, 160 to 138.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Be sure to follow the action, as Queen City will play Sacred City later today in game 10 in the quest for the 5th place bracket. Naptown will fight it out for the 7th place bracket on Sunday morning as the breakfast game.

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