D1V: #8 Stockholm demolishes #7 Sacred City, 252-109

D1V: #8 Stockholm demolishes #7 Sacred City, 252-109 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, BC – The 7th place bracket was awarded to Stockholm, as they finish very close to last year’s 7th place win in D1 Dallas. This showing was a bit different, though, as Stockholm Roller Derby’s All-Stars showcased offensive maneuvers and especially beautiful jamming footwork.

Despite Sacred City having shown why they are a tough 28th ranking in the WFTDA, their 8th place win in the tournament is not a reflection in their attitude throughout the weekend. Stockholm cheerfully accepted their opponents with graceful respect in a win over the Sacrifiers 252 to 109.

The contest between the two teams opened up very loose, with scrappy and disconnected packs. The pack was unable to meld together until jam 5, and Stockholm’s All-Stars were very quick to neutralize the offense cascaded from the Sacred City Derby Girls.

In what became the story for the rest of the game, the shut-out abilities of Stockholm effectively made the Sacrificers sacrifice forward momentum and point capture abilities. Sacred City also showed penalty trouble early on, leaving the All-Stars no choice but to seize the opportunities available with their considerable pack advantages.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Second half of gameplay was overwhelming for Sacred City’s chances at the win. Despite the Sacrificers clearly feeling the momentum shift as a reward for their bigger offensive plays, the team could not hold back Stockholm’s fierce jammer rotation, who would collect lead and use jam control to their advantage.

The All-Stars also began to slay in the form of defense, allowing absolutely no room for Sacred City to collect points. Stockholm held Sacred City completely scoreless for 6 jams in a row twice.

That was a total of 12 scoreless jams in the second half alone for Sacred City. Not only was the pace controlled by Stockholm, but also the jammer status wins were high. Nearly a total of 73% lead jammer statuses were awarded to Stockholm across the entire game.


Photo credit: Joe Mac

Photo credit: Joe Mac

The Sacrificers had a plethora of blocking technique to show the world with Gnar Gnar Jinx, Annie Anklebiter, and Crystal Pistol especially prominent in defensive plays.

The nail in the coffin for Sacred City was ultimately time on the clock, energy, and the ability to capitalize on bigger plays. Stockholm’s success lay in the cohesiveness of their team and rotational fury provided in the application of switching from defense to offense and then defense again quickly and efficiently.

The 4closer had an exciting weekend jamming and ended this game along with skater-in-crime Pink Freud being the two highest earning scorers for their team. Stockholm’s Maurine scored an amazing 93 points with near 85% lead jammer statuses to compliment Lil Slinky, A.M. Chaos, and Panica De Hex.

The blockers from Stockholm also have a lot to be proud of. Their defensive skaters had no negative differential points, showcasing an amazing stat layout that is rarely seen in playoff games. CrackHer notably had a positively protected 125 points, while Swede Hurt positively defended a massive 131 points.

Sacred City walked away with the 8th place for the tournament, down one position from their #7 seed entry, while Stockholm departs one up, at 7th position.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

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