D1V: #5 Terminal City contains #9 Queen City, 239-133

D1V: #5 Terminal City contains #9 Queen City, 239-133 Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

VANCOUVER, CA – Terminal City maintained its #5 seeding at the fifth place game this afternoon in its hometown, holding off a challenge from their fellow border-straddlers, #9 Queen City. Queen City was coming into the game on a high following their Saturday upset of Sacred City but couldn’t quite overcome Terminal City’s deep jammer rotation and fluid blocker formations. A string of jammer penalties throttled Terminal City’s momentum in the second half, and Queen City couldn’t quite overcome their opponents’ sizable cushion on the scoreboard, falling to the host league, 239 to 133.

The first few jams were blow for blow, with Terminal City taking an early lead and Queen City briefly pulling ahead in the fourth jam, but masterful bracing and counter-offense by Terminal’s Brittany Palmer, Sundown, Eve Hallows, and Griffith confounded inSINerator for nearly a full two minutes, allowing Terminal’s Maiden Sane to go on a 28-4 run and give Terminal a comfortable lead.

Queen’s Ivana LeiHerOut made a swift switch from offense to defense, fully shutting down a Bazinga scoring pass for Terminal City, pulling her back into the pack. BruiseBerry Pie’s forced track cut on Queen’s Miss Fire was met with a forced track cut by Midnyt Maniac on Bazinga, bringing the score to 53-23 in favor of Terminal City.

Librawlian’s hot streak this weekend of lead jammer calls was neutralized by Terminal in the first half, as Terminal repeatedly seized opportunities on the outside line or outlasted Queen’s defense in a strung-out war of attrition to pick up lead jammer.

Bricks Hit-house and Ivana LeiHerOut provided ample offensive firepower for Queen, and plenty of opportunities for their primary jammer rotation of Librawlian, InSINerator, Dana Scullcrusher and Miss Fire. Queen didn’t transition from offense to defense quite as effortlessly as Terminal, but pulled off a four-blocker screen to give Librawlian a clean inside path. Terminal frequently commanded the front of the pack with their braced walls in the first half, with Sundown taking advantage of her wall’s containment and subsequent forced track cut on Dana Scullcrusher to play a little offense for Bazinga.

Photo credit: Joe Mac

Photo credit: Joe Mac

InSINerator took advantage of her line’s active offense in a power jam to pick up nine points and Librawlian picked up four more to close out the first half, with Terminal City leading 104-63 despite running into more penalty trouble than Queen.

Following a few lead calls for Queen City, Maiden Sane picked up lead jammer with a 3-2 pack disadvantage, as Terminal’s Ink Shot and Scarlett Bloodbath teamed up to send Miss Fire out of bounds. Miss Fire picked up a low block on the way back in and Maiden Sane managed to consistently elude the Queen City defense, claiming a 33-0 jam to cap Terminal’s 53-3 run to start the second half.

Librawlian was sent to the box for a forearm and Queen City momentarily forced a track cut on Terminal’s Kim Janna, but an official review revealed the hit was initiated while stationary, sending Queen’s Bricks Hit-house to the box in place of Janna, sending the score to 165 to 66 in favor of Terminal.

A few multi-pass jams from Maiden Sane and Kim Janna were quickly succeeded by a series of jammer penalties for Terminal. Librawlian’s gains for Queen City were halted by some apt defensive work by Eve Hallows, and Maiden Sane returned from the box to overtake InSINerator, picking up 19 points as Ink Shot blocked a Queen City star pass, leaving them scoreless and putting the score at 217-97.

Queen City’s offensive blocking gave their jammer rotation the opportunities they needed to end the half on a 36-22 run, but Kim Janna ended the game with a clean apex jump into retirement and ended the game with an arm around InSINerator, capping a 239-133 victory for Terminal City, maintaining their seeding while Queen City vaulted their #9 seed entry to a #6 finish.

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