D1V: #3 Rat City exterminates #6 Naptown, 285-57

D1V: #3 Rat City exterminates #6 Naptown, 285-57 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – Friday’s third game of the WFTDA International Division 1 playoffs in Vancouver pitted the #3 seed, Seattle’s Rat-City All stars (12th in WFTDA), against the Naptown Tornado Sirens of Indianapolis (22nd in WFTDA) who came in as the #6 seed.  Rat City asserted an early dominance and appeared to be the only team so far not effected by the unusual nature of the sport court over rubberized gym floor.  Even the officials were having trouble keeping their feet on the surface. Rat City came away with a 285-57 win over Naptown.

The game started out with Rat City’s Luna Negra taking a fast lead, only to call it with just two points on the board due to Naptown’s Maiden America breaking free and following right on her heels.  At the end of Jam three Rat City had continued to hold Naptown scoreless but had only managed to put up 8 points of their own.

Naptown put up their first points of the game, which also happened to be their largest scoring pass of the game when they put up nine points to take the lead 9-8, the last time they would see the lead this game.

Rat City answered back with a 4-0 jam to take back the lead and follow that up with the game’s first double digit pass by Scratcher in the Eye who scored 14 points while Naptown’s Eve Anne Hellical was held scoreless to bring the score to 26-9 in favor of Rat City.

While Naptown would only take lead four more times in the first half, they were able to make a few strong defensive stalls.  Jam nine saw a strong braced wall of Naptown keep Rat City’s Jex to only two scoring passes before calling it to prevent Naptown’s Pirouette Threat from scoring.

Jam 13 would see both teams sending two blockers apiece to the box, but the small track couldn’t keep Rat’s Eva Dercy from making a beautiful slide up the inside line of the back straight to take lead and run the score 8-4 closing it out 57-16 in Rat’s favor.

Rat City’s Cassie Beck came in like a wrecking ball to clear the way for jammer Scratcher in the Eye to get out and force the call off by Mainden America with only four points on the board.  The call off did see Scratcher off to the box for a cut while trying for points.

CeeCee, blocker for Rat City, was able to hit and recycle Naptown’s jammer Eva Anne Hellical and drop right into the braced wall to help shut down Naptown for the full thirty seconds to allow Scratcher to return from the box, grab lead, and secure an 9-0 jam to bring the score to 79-20.

While Naptown attempted to adjust from an all defense style to throw some offense at the Rat City wall, the efforts didn’t seem to change Rat City’s ability to remain glued to the Naptown jammers.  

The half would end with Rat up 122-32 over Naptown.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

The second half started much like the first with Rat City taking the lead and coming out ahead in a 5-4 jam.

Naptown would again only have two multi pass jams in the half, and simply couldn’t overcome the scoring gap that was growing almost every jam.

Cherry-oto-Fire, jammer for Naptown, would get lead and manage a 6-0 jam, but only barely as the Rat City blockers were able to keep her on lock down for the full 30 seconds of box trip for cutting the track.

Naptown went to a more passive interference style of offense beginning in Jam three, but it seemed to have little effect on the Rat City blockers who simply flowed around the impediments without seeming to ever lose control of Naptown’s jammers.

Jam six saw a power start in favor or Rat City’s Luna Negra, however Naptown’s blockers began spread out and Luna was able to weave around them while Rat played passive offense and waited to draw a no-pack that wasn’t needed.  The jam would end 149-46.

As the game wore on, the gummy floor appeared to be taking it’s toll on Naptown who’s blockers began to become more spread out as time ran down.

Rat City would close out the game like they started, playing strong and working together.  Great offense at the back of the pack by Enurgizer Bunny would help clear the way while the solid performance of CeeCee and H. Botts in the wall and one-on-one would stymie the Naptown jammers.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

The game ended 285-57 with Rat City moving on to game 11 on Saturday at 6 pm (PDT) against Angel City for a shot at the tournament finals.  Naptown will play the Queen City Roller Girls in game 7 on Saturday at 10 am (PDT).

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