D1V: #10 Arizona holds down #6 Naptown, 197-142

D1V: #10 Arizona holds down #6 Naptown, 197-142 Photo credit: Joe Mac

VANCOUVER, CA – The first game of Sunday morning brought together the #6 seed Naptown Roller Girls against Arizona Roller Derby. The Arizona Tent City Terrors were fighting to improve their tenth place entry to Vancouver, while the Tornado Sirens fought to stop the slide from their six place start.

While the teams hadn’t met since Skate to Thrill in April 2015, that battle had come out 262-115 in favor of the Terrors which seemed a fairly reasonable predictor of this game, ultimately. Strong recycling and blazing fast lateral jammer skills would propel Arizona to a repeat 197-142, as they secured a 9th place exit from the tournament.

After starting with a close 2-1 jam, Arizona started as they meant to continue, persistently pushing the score just a little more than Naptown. They edged up to 19-6, with Arizona still in the lead, and the score still climbing with persistence.

Just short of ten minutes into the game, both squads ran into a high penalty jam and Luz Chaos went to the box for a low block. That penalty cost Luz the lead, and made it the first full two minute jam of the game, ending 14-9 in favor of the Terrors to bring the score to 33-15 for Arizona.

Several jams later saw Luz Chaos back to their normal lateral edging work, as they had clearly made the necessary adjustments for the floor that many had struggled with across the weekend. Luz was able to execute outside line work and hard jukes to run two natural grand slams before calling the jam, leaving Arizona up, 43-19.

With seven minutes left in the half, the Terror’s Erica d’Entremont got a fast lead but took an extended trip to the penalty box for first back blocking, and then immediately charging the same downed Naptown blocker. That full minute off track would only result in a 12-4 powerjam in favor of the Sirens, which wasn’t enough to put up a real challenge to Arizona’s lead which held at 71-41.

A quick 180 degree hop over the last blockers leg for lead would take Luz Chaos to a 9-0 jam, leaving just one jam to go in the half. Erica d’Entremont would use that last jam to grab an early lead for the Terrors, only to head to the box on her second back block of the half. That left Maiden America to run up 18 points for Naptown, despite some outstanding solo blocking face-to-face by Kootz at the front of the pack to slow her down.  

The half would end 105-59, in favor of Arizona.


The Sirens’ Maiden America started out grabbing a quick lead at the start of the second period, but they could only put up a 2-0 jam as Jess West was hot on their heels. The Terrors would then take the next three lead jammer calls, but were only able to inch the score forward slightly in that time.

Naptown’s Cherry-oto-Fire answered back by grabbing lead when Luz Chaos went to the box for a low block, and running out 19 points – including a quick apex jump over the legs of the last Tent City blocker in turn four – to close the jam 114-82.

R2DEATH2 would follow Luz Chaos’s example and head to the box on a forearm call, allowing Eve Anne Hellical the opportunity to grab lead and run up another ten points for Naptown.

Kootz would stand out again in the second half when she was able to stop and recycle Eve Anne Hellical up the inside of the front straight, extending Hellical’s initial pass and forcing her to push the middle to get clear.

The tent City Terrors would grab all but a few more leads in the rest of the game, playing strategically and only running the jam for double digit points during power jams. Luz Chaos would continue to dominate the jamming on Arizona’s behalf, and came out the top game scorer with a total of 75 total points.

Having used their last time out with 1:15 remaining on the clock, Naptown was left with only two potential jam minutes to try and capitalize on the two cut track penalties earned by Arizona’s Choke Ya Latte as jammer. While in that time the Sirens were able to put up a 15-3 jam, it just wasn’t enough to stop the Terrors from rolling into 9th place 197-142, putting Naptown down four spots from their #6 seed tournament entry, to exit at 10th place.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

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