D1V: #1 Victoria tops #8 Stockholm, 387-36

D1V: #1 Victoria tops #8 Stockholm, 387-36 Photo credit: Derby With Recess

VANCOUVER, BC – After #2 seed Angel City took a massive win over the #7 seed Sacred City in Game 4, #1 seed Victorian continued the trend in by shutting #8 seed Stockholm out in the first half of Game 5. Stockholm did manage to get on the board in the second half, but with a #2 WFTDA-ranked team taking on #30, Victoria had strong control of the game from start to finish.

Not only did Stockholm have to take on the dominate defenders in blue on Day 1, but they did so after already playing an aggressive game against Queen City earlier in the day. That game took out Polygamy Winehouse, who went down with an injury towards the end of the first half, and she didn’t return for the rest of the game or against VRDL either.

The game started with each team working through a rotation of four jammers. Victoria set an early tone of high scoring jams with Giles and Lady Trample while Stockholm showed they were going to battle VRDL with star passes. It helped in jam 3 when Stockholm kept Victoria’s Mary Fagdalene to just three points, but then IvyKnivey followed up with 20 points, bringing the score to 47-0.

The solid, rotating defense that we saw from Stockholm in their first game felt scrambled in this game and Victoria’s Serelson or Screw Barrymore furthered the chaos with a commitment to offense for VRDL jammers. Up until this point, Victoria held lead jammer status at 100%, but an interruption in that perfection came when Lady Trample sat in the box with a forearm while trying to spin out of the pack. This was also the one jam Fittbullterriem took the star for Stockholm, and after passing the star to A.M. Chaos, they traded spots in the penalty box and Victoria added 10 more to their total.

For a few jams, Stockholm slowed the rate at which Victoria scored with more star stashing and passing, keeping two jams to zero points and two others to single passes. However, with about 15 minutes left in the first half, Victoria still led 88-0 before going on a run of 130 more points and shutting out Stockholm in the first half with 218 total points.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

At the break, Lady Trample was done skating for Victoria with 77 points and then Christy Demons, who we haven’t seen in sanctioned play since Championships, picked up some track time. Giles and Ivy Knivey remained regulars, but Mary Fagdalene also sat after the first half with 24 points and VRDL added Super Maria (who transferred from Helsinki this year).

With this many people in and out of the star, it left eight blockers to go every other jam with strong defense and effective offense. Despite the constant track time for them Victoria played a very clean game with no skater on more than one penalty at the half, and the whole roster only earning 18 total penalties by the game’s end. Stockholm played a relatively clean game, but had double the penalties of Victoria at the half.

Returning to the game, Stockholm seemed more focused on their defense with strong formations by CrackHer, CaRollin’ Thunder, and Ylva Arnberg maintaining a quick recycling and aggressive game. Ylva Arnberg was among a few giving efforts of offense as well, and the first few jams of the second half were low scoring for VRDL.

Victoria was the first to pick up jammer penalties in the second half, and this is where Stockholm finally got points on the board. As Ivy Knivey tried to twirl around a blocker on the line, she spun into a cut which aided Panica De Hex in getting out of the pack and picking up five points. After that, Giles sat in the box and Stockholm’s offensive efforts encouraged VRDL to skate away, but instead it just thinned out the pack and Lil Slinky’s anti-gravity footwork got her around the likes of Serelson and Mick Swagger for 14 more points. Just eight minutes in Stockholm now trailed 242-19.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Photo credit: Derby With Recess

Again, Victoria piled on the points, and each side took on a few more jammer penalties. With 13 minutes left each side cleaned up their game and star passes were more often completed by Stockholm while Victoria’s scoring slowed down a bit. Before the game’s end Stockholm earned two lead statuses and scored 17 more points, 14 again by Lil Slinky who pinballed through the pack. While Stockholm returned from the break to pick up several small victories, and ended the game all smiles, Victoria had the ultimate victory, 387-36 and will advance in the bracket to play the winner of Philly versus Terminal City.

At such a high scoring game, Victoria averaged 11 points per jam, 8 of which were 20 points or more, and Giles had the highest scoring jam at 30 points out of her total of 101. Looking forward however, Giles earned three penalties while jamming and ended one jam prematurely and left the track gingerly. This was Lady Trample’s debut in sanctioned play with VRDL, after transferring from Pirate City, and should make an great addition to their rotation with jukey spins and excellent footwork.

Stockholm completed about a dozen star passes and Lil Slinky can boast 28 points against the Aussies with one lead status. Panica De Hex ended with her five, and Maurine was the one other jammer to score with three points. With this loss, Stockholm enters the consolation bracket and will play tomorrow at 8pm PDT/5am CEST.

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