D1V: #1 Victoria rings #4 Philly’s bell, 258-61

D1V: #1 Victoria rings #4 Philly’s bell, 258-61 Photo credit: Derby With Recess. facebook.com/DerbyWithRecess

VANCOUVER, BC – In their first match up in almost two years, Saturday afternoon pitted Victorian Roller Derby League of Melbourne, VIC, Australia (#2 in WFTDA) against Philly Roller Derby of Philadelphia, PA, USA (#13 in WFTDA). While both teams would mount similar blocking styles, Philly simply couldn’t control the onslaught of scoring by Victoria, and the Australians secured their spot at Champs with a win 258-61.

Victoria took an early lead with Mary Fagdalene getting lead jammer status while Philly’s jammer, Wolf, headed to the box for a track cut. The first jam ended with Victoria up 15-0. In the second jam, Victoria’s Giles earned lead and then was sent to the box for a cut track of her own, but the redwoods of roller derby (Victoria’s blockers) were able to keep Philly stymied, so that they were only able to put five points on the board compared to Victoria’s 15 power jam points.

While Victoria was able to keep Philly’s jammers mostly on lockdown, there were at least a few exceptions. A quarter into the game, Philly’s Kilmartin was able to secure lead status with a mohawking-pass on the outside line of turn 3 and took advantage of Victoria’s jammer penalty. A cut track committed by Giles allowed Kilmartin to put up seven unanswered points and put the score at 79-20 in Victoria’s favor.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Herrmann Monster switched roles while jamming, and instead gave a solid outside sweep on Victoria’s jammer, Super Maria, on the first straightaway during the initial pass. It wasn’t enough though, as Maria came back to take lead status and put up a 2-0 jam against Philly who mimicked Victoria’s strong, revolving braced triangle.

With six minutes left in the half, Super Maria was able to self-initiated a “pegassist” jump just at the end of turn two by jumping forward and back in bounds by whipping off of Serelson, who had set a pick at the front of the Philly wall. The move earned her lead status and enough time to put up 19 points to zero, despite making her only box trip of the game in the same jam for a cut.

At the end of the half, a 20-point pass by Philly’s Wolf wasn’t enough to overcome the deficit, and the period ended 126-44 for Victoria.

Philly seemed like they might have figured out Victoria’s offense when they were able to recycle multiple times at the front of the pack to hold Victoria’s Giles, even through the repeated offensive hits made by VRDL blockers. While impressive, they weren’t able to maintain it, and Giles was eventually able to get lead and put up nine points, bringing the score to 126-44

Jam seven of the second half saw Lady Trample take lead with a hop, jump, and a spin at the end of turn two, and put up seven points before Herrmann Monster was able to break free of the pack and force the call off.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Photo credit: Derby With Recess.

Seven minutes into the second half, Wolf was able to get the first points on the board for Philly when Victoria’s Lady Trample was sent to the box as the jammer for a back block and then went back to the box for a forearm. Philly put up a 10-1 jam to bring the score to 153-54 in favor of Victoria.

Ultimately, Philly was only able to score during three jams in the second half, while Victoria continued to continue their relentless point spread. Philly did have moments of greatness, such as the behind-the-back star pass by Wolf to get Meryl Strip-Her out of the pack and force a call off. The game was concluded 258 to 61 with Victoria securing ta return trip to the West Coast of the United States for Champs in November.

Victoria’s win moves them forward to the Vancouver final game on Sunday at 6pm PDT/11am AEST where they will face the #2 seed, Angel City. Philly Roller Derby will play #3 seed Rat City for third place, and the final Champs spot, on Sunday at 4pm PDT.

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