D1M: #5 Dallas survives #9 Detroit, 206-171

D1M: #5 Dallas survives #9 Detroit, 206-171 Photo credit Duane Baker

MONTREAL, QC –  The last bout of day two turned out to be a duel of the black and red. Having already beaten Kallio at noon, The Dallas Derby Devils Army of Darkness entered the game worn, but thoroughly warmed up and on a high. Detroit, meanwhile, fought tooth and nail until the end of the game, but due to early use of timeouts and official reviews, failed to cash in on momentum gained in the final minutes. Dallas took the win 206-171.

Detroit came out strong, swinging for the fences. Jilleanne Rookard put up a quick seven points, then she and vets Feta Sleaze and Racer McChaser followed up with another 11 in the next four jams. However, Jam five also saw Bazooka Bubble Bum of Dallas put up 14 points, putting DDD one point over Detroit for the first time in the contest.

Defensively, both teams started out looking spread out, as each team tried to figure out their opponents’ strategies, weaknesses, and strongest players to isolate during offensive strikes. While both teams worked to understand each other better, the point spread stayed within eight points through jam 16.

Detriot’s Freakin Rican and Cookie Rumble both stood out with their diamond control, and their ability to clear jammers to the outside line. Kellie Genei and Off the Hook were also contributing to solid team dynamics and drawbacks for Detroit but they (and Cookie) landed in penalty trouble throughout the game, keeping packs short of key blockers.

Dallas’s Guilliotine Grace was a powerhouse blocker (as usual) and keeping her in the opposite line as Blakely really made the Detroit jammers work. After the first quarter, the Dallas defense clearly settled in, allowing their jammers to rack up points against Detroit. In Jam 17, Jett (who only jammed six times for Dallas during the game) put up a 19-0 score against Feta Sleaze, creating the biggest differential of the game thus far. It was a momentum shift Detroit could not recover from.

Photo credit Matthew Becker

Photo credit Matthew Becker

The second half became both more controlled, and brutal for both teams. Anita Riot and Miley Virus continued to put up multiple point passes, despite beatings from Meryl Slaughterburgh. Great Wall of Gina assisted in solid DDD formations, slowing the Detroit jammers to a crawl.

Detriot figured out how to defend against DDD towards the end of the game, only allowing a total of 37 points in the last eleven jams, while they scored 77. Down by 35 points, and out of time outs, a final call off by Swift Justice with 29 seconds left in the period meant that Dallas could let the clock run down for the win, while Detroit could do nothing but watch time expire. 

Dallas will play against comeback-kids Boston to defend their the 5th place spot on Sunday at 2pm EST. Detroit will finish their weekend playing Rocky Mountain at 12pm EST, both looking to better their tournament entry to leave at 7th place.

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