D1M: #5 Dallas marches past #7 Kallio, 181-81

D1M: #5 Dallas marches past #7 Kallio, 181-81 Photo credit: Duane Baker Photography. facebook.com/duanebakerphotography

MONTRÉAL, QC – The #5 seed Dallas Derby Devils continued to meet their defensive match this weekend with a tough battle against #7 Kallio today, but this time it was Dallas who stayed one step ahead of their competition, leading them to a 181-81 win. Kallio seemed to make some adjustments since their first every Playoff game yesterday, but with a slow start they weren’t able to keep up against Dallas.

Dallas got out to a quick start by playing a clean game and benefiting by a couple early jammer penalties by Kallio. The All Colours cleaned up their overall game by accruing 11 fewer penalties compared to yesterday, but with their jammers giving up 10 power jams again, they gave Dallas too many opportunities to pick up big points.

It looked like Kallio was going to get out to a strong start when Pretty Sick used her slick footwork at the edge of the track to get a quick lead, but on the return pass however, she committed a back block and gave Dallas an open road to score. Anita Riot had passed the star to Animal Lee, and she picked up 18 points in the chaotic first jam, while Pretty Sick was able to finish with six points for Kallio.

Kallio would sit on those points for the next six jams while Dallas enjoyed another power jam, yielding 24 points, but then had to fight hard to add points after that. When Pretty Sick picked up another penalty, Kallio not only killed the penalty, but hung on to Acute Pain for the full two minutes.

With 16 minutes left in the first half, Sara Gilbert earned four points while Jett took lead status for Dallas, bringing the score to 60-10. After that, Leila Gay picked up Kallio’s second lead status of the half, but then their fourth jammer penalty, which allowed Dallas to win the jam 13-2 and increase their lead to 73-12.

With such a strong defensive quad by Dallas, they could easily let go of one blocker to play offense, which contributed to their 68.4% lead status in the first half. Planet of the Skates or Hannah Barbaric were keen to provide that service while, even down to two blockers, Animal Lee and Gillotine Grace proved they could hold down defense on their own. That came in handy today as Dallas picked up 29 total penalties compared to just 22 in their game against Montréal.

Kallio wasn’t shy about breaking off to play offense, but weren’t as quick to do it as Dallas from the start, which left a brutal fight for their jammers. Macho Bitchu’s excellent awareness showed when she would quickly stop a blocker from running back her jammer and then quickly rejoin her pack to resume defense. With eight minutes left, Kallio had only scored in four different jams and trailed Dallas 98-16.

Pikanté picked up her first lead status of the game and added four points, which made her the lead scorer for them at this point at eight points. Although she didn’t ultimately hold the most points for Kallio, she was able to pick up lead status at 42.9% and with zero penalties, finished with a differential of -1, the best out of the All Colours jammers.

With the clock ticking down in the first half, Kallio added their 6th jammer penalty, but all wasn’t lost as they were still forcing Dallas jammers to work up to 90 seconds to get out of their initial pass. With two more lead statuses late in the half and two more points, Kallio seemed to be fine-tuning their game on the fly, and finding a bit of momentum, albeit in small victories.

At halftime Dallas led 112-22, putting the score at about a 5:1 scoring ratio, but Kallio was certain to challenge that in the second half. With the benches swapped, Kallio was seated near the pivot line and whether it was a conscious decision or not, they took the front defensive line more often in the second half. This was a wise move against Dallas, who usually takes the front where there is space for their braced quad formation. Along with Dallas’s first jammer penalty of the game, Kallio was able to earn three lead statuses in a row, and nearly double their score in the first ten minutes.

The packs resumed their disciplined defensive forces and Kallio made Anita Riot work for a minute and 15 seconds before she could earn lead. T-Bag sprung Pikanté from the pack, keeping Anita’s scoring to just six points. This half, Pretty Sick appeared much more cautious, staying away from the edges and was able to add a grand slam to their total. With about 15 minutes left in the game, Kallio was keeping this half much closer with 22 points to Dallas’s 34, but still down by over 100 points in the game total, 146-44.

Despite the gap in the score, Kallio continued to play a hearty game with quick offensive moves, and speedy recycling. Dallas’s defense continued to dominate however, and even with blockers off to the box, they became offensive missiles upon their return, often clearing way for their jammer on the sly.

Pretty Sick picked up her fourth and fifth penalties in the last two jams of the game, and with a final nine points by Miley Virus, Dallas took the game 181-81. Kallio nearly tripled their first half score, and was only outscored by Dallas by ten points, showing some improvement in a tough first Playoff weekend for the All Colours. They will play first thing on Sunday at 10am EDT (5pm EEST) for 9th place against #8 Sun State, while #5 Dallas plays again today at 8pm EDT against #9 Detroit.

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