D1M: #2 Texas grounds #3 Bay Area, 227-81

D1M: #2 Texas grounds #3 Bay Area, 227-81 Photo credit: Matthew Becker Photography. facebook.com/mbeckerphoto

MONTRÉAL, QC –  Texas Rollergirls’ game against Bay Area Derby was one of the highly anticipated match-ups of the weekend thus far. Though Texas had a low scoring 149-84 win against BAD at the Big O this year, the world is always watching the white and gold for greatness. With Demanda Riot back from injury for the tournament, the derby world was eager to see how the old foes match-up.

Bay Area came out swinging. A quick misconduct called against Fifi Nomenon gave Pressure Cooker the chance to put up the first five for Bay Area. Huck Sinn followed up with another four points. There were only three other jams in the entire game where Bay Area put up more points than Texas. Jam 3 was the first of five straight multi-pass jams for Texas Rollergirls and it created a deficit Bay Area could not recover from. Huck Sinn was Bay Area’s top scorer for the day, nabbing 33 points. April Bloodgate was close behind, putting up 22 points.

The Bay Area flat four walls were in full effect today, occasionally giving the Texas offense pause. BAD was excellent at utilizing Texas blockers as part of their own defense. The edgework and plow strength demonstrated by Bay Area was impressive (to say the least), with Liza Machete and Dirty Lil Trick among the dominant blockers who were able to implement a defensive strategy that most teams now shy away from. While the control and awareness of Bay Area was excellent, they could not match the wolf pack strength of Texas.

Photo credit Duane Baker

Photo credit: Duane Baker Photography.

Texas’s teamwork is the foundation of their success, and with Peacewar leading the charge, TXRG was solid and slow. Bay Area could not coordinate a successful offensive attack against Texas, even when only Smarty Pants and CC Boom were left on the track. The Texies’ have an uncanny ability to never give jammers space, and it’s as if they have jammer magnets in their jerseys, since they are able to roll around blockers smoothly, reattaching to any opposing jammer trying to come through a pack.

Blocker agility coupled with the Texas deep jammer pool makes them a dangerous foe, leaving teams unsure who to prep for. Will Freight Train block or jam? Will Hauss be playing this game? How heavy will they use Bloody Mary? Will they utilize the Smarty Pants wild card? The Texas rotation is deep and the styles vary; teams that cannot adjust quickly to different jammers have trouble keeping up. Texas used five jammers this time around. Of all of them, Hauss the Boss was used most often (9 jams), gaining lead 88.9% of the times, and scoring 70 points.

Texas came out on top, 227-81, guaranteeing them a spot at Championships in Portland this November, and will go on to take on the winner of the Montreal/London game. That Sunday 6pm EDT match up will be for the Gold Medal and a #1 seed at Champs. Bay Area will play the loser of that game at 4pm EDT to determine who wins Bronze.

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