D1C: #5 Crime City nabs another win against #8 Columbia, 260-100

D1C: #5 Crime City nabs another win against #8 Columbia, 260-100 Photo credit: Louis Keiner/Tsunami Photo. tsunamiphoto.com

COLUMBIA, SC – The #5 seed Crime City Rollers didn’t come all the way from Sweden to play for 7th place. #8 Columbia QuadSquad didn’t show up to treat their crowd to a home town loss, especially after their battles against Ann Arbor & Rose City on Friday.

The game was electric from Jam 1. Crime City’s recycling was strong and clean. Columbia’s Do U Juana would get past three blockers and find herself behind all four again in an instant. Crime City did not fall for the twitchiness of the CQS jammers and their blockers sat in strong tripods and waited patiently.

Crime City’s Below Me continued her weekend of domination, nabbing jammers right when they thought they had escaped. In a pack with Sexual Her Ass-Meant and Kix meant natural grand slams all day for Hannah P, and Curly Håår. Juicy Butther had some fantastic offensive awareness moments, opening up the edges for trapped jammers. Prince Sofia was the story of the first half for Crime City, gaining lead jammer 6 out of 7 times and putting up 63 points.

CQS’s Poison Violet pulled her weight as jammer and pivot in this game. She put up 16 points in the first half, but also led effective offense in the pack. Rox Ann Stones, who had made an impressive showing against Rose City as a CQS secret jammer, did her job with the star once again. In Jam 3 she took a star pass, but ended up in the box however. In Jam 5 she won lead jammer, scored 10 points, and leveled a blocker who deigned to stand in her way. Despite playing the Bruiser game of punishment, CQS could not stop the storm of Crime City in the first half, and entered the half time down 123-45.

Coming out of halftime, CQS decided to make a switch. Coach Donkey said it was due to “injury and ineffectiveness.” They added Rox Ann Stones & Holly Hunter to the jammer rotation, opting to use Poison and Erin Carrino as blockers. The first jam saw CQS’s first foul out, in the way of Chuck-Town Bruiser, a big loss for them. Both teams continued penalty trouble, with Columbia blockers sitting 15 times, and jammers five times in the second half. Crime City accrued three more jammer penalties, and 22 blocker penalties.

Frix Rode, Tjutet, and Dykestalker were not intimidated by the power jammers being added to the QuadSquad mix, but Jam 10 saw the first power jam for CQS in the 2nd half and the biggest point gain for them at 18 points for Agent Cherry Maim’her. Columbia incurred their second foul out when pivot Barney Rebel cut the track in Jam 15. Crime City was perfect on lead jammer status until Jam 16, when Hanna P had a passed an out of bounds blocker, but Columbia didn’t earn lead status either since Rox Ann Stones earned a penalty before completing her initial pass.

In the last four jams Columbia decided to turn up the heat, gaining lead status four of the last five jams and putting up 18 more points in that time. However, Crime City’s Prince Sofia was the jammer of the game earning lead 68.8% of her jams and gaining 102 points for Crime City. Hanna P was also a threat, gaining lead 75% of her jams and scoring 88 points for Crime City.

Crime City will move on to defend their 5th place slot against Euro-neighbors #7 Rainy City Sunday at 2pm EST/7pm BST/8pm CEST. Columbia will meet the #6 Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells at Noon on Sunday to duke it out for 7th place.

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