2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Madison Central

2016 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: Madison Central Photo credit: Sean Hale.

The final 2016 International WFTDA Playoff tournament in Madison, Wisconsin will decide the final three Division 1 teams that will attend Championships along with London, Texas, and Montréal from D1 Montréal; Rose City, Denver, and Jacksonville from D1 Columbia; and Victoria, Angel City, and Rat City from D1 Vancouver. After the award ceremony on Sunday, WFTDA will also announce seeding for the Champs bracket in Portland, Oregon this November.

Get up to speed on the ten teams attending this weekend with our Madison preview, and get to know more about The Smacktivist from Ohio and how they found a non-binary space in roller derby. All the games this weekend will be played in Central Daylight Time (CDT) and the schedule below shows games in local time and Eastern European Summer Time (EEST). (Convert to your local time here.)

The schedule also lists each team’s tournament seed and WFTDA Ranking. We will update the schedule and bracket throughout the weekend, so check back for scores and recaps. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for pictures and updates as well, and catch all the action on WFTDA.tv. If you’re watching from home, join the conversation or relay something to the announcers on Twitter with the hashtag #talk2wftda.


G1 10am CDT/6pm EEST
#8 Windy City vs #9 Ohio
Halftime: WCR 91-71 ORD; Final: WCR 210-152 ORD

G2 12pm CDT/8pm EEST
#7 No Coast vs #10 Mad Rollin’
Halftime: NCDG 66-60 MRD; Final: NCDG 139-143 MRD

G3 2pm CDT/10pm EEST
#3 Minnesota vs #6 Helsinki
Halftime: MRG 155-69 HRD ; Final: MRG 339-109 HRD

G4 4pm CDT/12am EEST
#1 Gotham vs #8 Windy City
Halftime: GGRD 230-8 WCR; Final: GGRD 491-13 WCR

G5 6pm CDT/2am EEST
#4 Tampa vs #5 Team United
Halftime: TRD 85-57 TURD; Final: TRD 190-97 TURD

G6 8pm CDT/4am EEST
#2 Arch Rival vs #10 Mad Rollin’
Halftime: ARCH 161-43 MRD; Final: ARCH 314-74 MRD

G7 10am CDT/6pm EEST
Ohio vs Helsinki
Halftime: HRD 148-97 OHRD; Final: HRD 260-243 OHRD

G8 12pm CDT/8pm EEST
No Coast vs Team United
Halftime: TURD 148-65 NCDG; Final: TURD 246-147 NCDG

G9 2pm CDT/10pm EEST
Gotham vs Tampa
Halftime: GGRD 147-39 TRD; Final: GGRD 320-49 TRD

G10 4pm CDT/12am EEST
Mad Rollin’ vs Helsinki
Halftime: HRD 142-82 MRD ; Final: HRD 250-145 MRD

G11 6pm CDT/2am EEST
Windy City vs Team United
Halftime: TURD 127-34 WCR; Final: TURD 197-82 WCR

G12 8pm CDT/4am EEST
Minnesota vs Arch Rival
Halftime: MNRG 113-102 ARRG; Final: MNRG 174-155 ARRG

G13 10am CDT/6pm EEST
9th Place – #9 Ohio vs #7 No Coast
Halftime: NCDG 91-90 ORD; Final ORD 227-188 NCDG

G14 12pm CDT/8pm EEST
7th Place – #10 Mad Rollin’ vs #8 Windy City
Halftime: MRD 102-70 WCR; Final: MRD 190-139 WCR

G15 2pm CDT/10pm EEST
5th Place – #5 Team United vs  #6 Helsinki
Halftime: TURD 113-71 HRD; Final: TURD 206-155 HRD

G16 4pm CDT/12am EEST
3rd Place – #2 Arch Rival vs #4 Tampa
Halftime: TRD 94-79 ARRG; Final: ARRG 149-131 TRD

G17 6pm CDT/2am EEST
1st Place – #1 Gotham vs #3 Minnesota
Halftime: GGRD 153-38 MNRG; Final: GGRD 326-71 MNRG




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