D2L: #9 Tri-City lethally ‘ejects’ #2 Sac City, 223-164

D2L: #9 Tri-City lethally ‘ejects’ #2 Sac City, 223-164 Photo credit: Danforth Johnson. facebook.com/danforth.johnson

LANSING, MI – In the quest for a spot in the fifth place game at the D2 tournament in Michigan, WFTDA #59 ranked Tri-City took on the #44 ranked Sac City in one of the most loosely played games of the day. If you were looking for a beautiful ‘pagoda that perpetually populates penalties’, as directly quoted from announcer Lightning Slim, then you would have been in the right place. The #2 seed fell to the #9 seed, adding to the tournament’s growing list of upsets with Tri-City on top, 223 to 164.

It all started with a bang. The first two jams exchanged even blows as 9 points went to either side with quick and dirty game play. What set the scene was a very fluid pack, with little to no walls or braces, until Tri-City took the reins and flooded the Capital Punishers with experience. Tri-City did, however, leave open a small crack of space on the inside line, allowing just enough room for Sac City to keep their heads above water. The Punishers gave up power jams 8 times in the first half alone, compared to Tri-City’s clean jammer slate. Nonetheless, Sac City went on a streak of six lead jammer calls at the end of the first half, which barely closed the score gap to 109-67 in favor of Tri-City.

In the second half of the contest, fatigue from both Tri-City jammers and blockers was the chink in their armor which let Sac City creep closer. Tri-City’s saving grace was in their clean skating and polite Canadian attitude as Sac City executed aggressive tactics. The penalty count began to rack up for the Punishers while the defense for Tri-City started to break down.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

Sac City’s Addy Kontrol put on the heat, showing massive strength and ability to speed up the game, and put the pressure on Tri-City. Addy Kontrol’s 61 points made them the leading scorer for Sac City with a phenomenal 90% lead jammer status rate in the game. Nail Her Swift and Anomie of the State flexed major jamming muscles as well, but in the end, the Punishers tallied 16 total jammer penalties and a whopping 64 total penalties in the game.

With that many penalties it was no shock that the Capital Punishers lost Khan Artist, Spankenstein, and Annie Reksic to foul outs with Devask8Her and Red TornadHo tip-toeing the edge with 6 penalties in their pockets. Red TornadHo was the pin in the Sac City’s defensive game, skating away with a positive differential of 18 points. Tri-City had enough of her and the Punishers’ thrashing away at both team and score, so the Thunder became a category 3 storm, pulling away from Sac City who came as close as 14 points later in the game. Tri-City played a patient game for the remainder of the half, using the clock as their extra player and stopped the bleeding with an offensive assault.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

As the game came to a close, Tri-City tightened their grip on the game by showcasing Crazy Squirrel’s ability to capitalize on power jams courtesy of Sac City. Crazy Squirrel ended the game with a staggering total of 127 points, with MEGAnTRON trailing behind that score with 87 large themselves.

Tri-City did struggle a bit with penalties, taking 34 altogether in the game, but that was as many as Sac City accrued in the first half. Andi Slamberg sat at 6 penalties for most of the second half and they only lost Smashin’ Good Time to a foul out. The conclusion of the match up brought a victory for Tri-City with 223 points to Sac City’s 164. Sac City will go on to play again on Sunday for a possible 7th place slot while Tri-City gets to battle Bear City again in pursuit of 5th place on Sunday, at 12pm EDT/6pm CEST.

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