2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Central

2016 Midwest BrewHaHa Central Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography. facebook.com/donnaOphoto

This weekend, June 3rd-5th, the Brewcity Bruisers are hosting the 7th annual Midwest BrewHaHa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This tournament is typically one that attracts Midwest teams, but this year it also includes teams representing Germany, Australia, and Canada. There will be Women, Men and Juniors played  games on 2 tracks starting at 10:45am CDT Friday until 8:30pm CDT Sunday evening. You can catch the games online right here.

Check out our schedule below listing games in the local timezone, (Central Daylight Time – CDT) Berlin’s time zone (Central European Summer Time – CEST), and Gold Coast, Queensland’s time zone (Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST).  If you need times converted into a different zone, click here. Check back throughout the weekend for updated scores. (All Rankings are as of the May WFTDA update and the Spring 2016 MRDA update.)

Day 1: Recap and pictures.
Day 2: Recap and pictures.
Day 3: Recap and pictures.

Table Key: Orange=WFTDA Sanctioned, Blue= MRDA Sanctioned, Purple= WFTDA B/Unsanctioned, Green= Juniors

Midwest Brewhaha Day 1
CDT CEST AEST Track 1 Track 2
10:45am 5:45pm 1:45am North Star B vs West Coast: 232-71
11:30am 6:30pm 2:30am #29 Rock City vs #40 Blitzdkreig: 270-121
12:30am 7:30pm 3:30am #52 Calgary vs #72 Paradise City: 168-155
1:15pm 8:15pm 4:15am #3 Texas Men's vs #12 TC Terrors: 405-52
3:00pm 10:00pm 6:00am #58 Tri-city vs #43 Houston: Cancelled
4:00pm 11:00pm 7:00am #37 Windy City vs #48 Bear City: 289-112
4:45pm 11:45pm 7:45am #1 GateKeepers vs #21 Drive-By: 526-14
5:45pm 12:45am 8:45am Brewcity B vs Naptown B: 169-151
6:30pm 1:30am 9:30am #39 Mad Rollin' vs #38 Nashville: 150-93
7:15pm 2:15am 10:15am #66 Grand Raggidy vs #71 Brewcity: 228-99
8:30pm 11:30am #8 Arch Rival vs #31 Detroit: 304-114
Midwest Brewhaha Day 2
CDT CEST AEST Track 1 Track 2
9:00am 4:00pm 12:00am #72 Paradise City vs #48 Bear City: 201-144
9:45am 4:45pm 12:45am #17 Team United vs #31 Detroit: 266-151
10:45am 5:45pm 1:45am Quad City Jr. vs Micro Bruisers: 306-302
11:30am 6:30pm 2:30am #39 Mad Rollin' vs #58 Tri-City: 154-119
12:30pm 7:30pm 3:30am Naptown B vs West Coast: 333-133
1:15pm 8:15pm 4:15am #12 TC Terrors vs #40 Blitzdkreig: 215-119
2:15pm 9:15pm 5:15am #48 Bear City vs #66 Grand Raggidy: 199-182
3:00pm 10:00pm 6:00am #8 Arch Rival vs #17 Team United: 238-119
4:00pm 11:00pm 7:00am North Star B vs Brewcity B: 170-129
4:45pm 11:45pm 7:45am #21 Drive-By vs #29 Rock City: 222-139
5:45pm 12:45am 8:45am #72 Paradise City vs #71 Brewcity: 229-115
6:30pm 1:30am 9:30am #52 Calgary vs #57 Cincinnati: 212-161
7:15pm 2:15am 10:15am #43 Houston vs #38 Nashville: 166-116
8:30pm 3:30am 11:30am #1 GateKeepers vs #3 Texas Men's: 298-98
Midwest Brewhaha Day 3
CDT CEST AEST Track 1 Track 2
8:00am 3:00pm 11:00pm Indianapolis Jr. vs Micro Bruisers: 539-73
9:00am 4:00pm 12:00am #21 Drive-By vs #40 Blitzdkreig: 216-155
9:45am 4:45pm 12:45am Naptown B vs North Star B: 193-163
10:45am 5:45pm 1:45am #3 Texas Men's vs #29 Rock City: 462-60
11:30am 6:30pm 2:30am #43 Houston vs #39 Mad Rollin': 179-175
12:30pm 7:30pm 3:30am #58 Tri-City vs #38 Nashville: 178-156
1:15pm 8:15pm 4:15am #1 GateKeepers vs #12 TC Terrors: 425-58
2:15pm 9:15pm 5:15am Indianapolis Jr. vs Quad City Jr: 539-73
3:00pm 10:00pm 6:00am #37 Windy City vs #52 Calgary: 185-142
4:45pm 11:45pm 7:45am #3 Texas Men's vs #21 Drive-By: 443-27
5:45pm 12:45am 8:45am Brewcity B vs West Coast: 175-130
6:30pm 1:30pm 9:30am #66 Grand Raggidy vs #57 Cincinnati: 165-156
7:15pm 2:15pm #48 Bear City vs #71 Brewcity: 278-106
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