D2 Champs 3rd Place: Demolition City squeaks past Kansas City, 149-139

D2 Champs 3rd Place: Demolition City squeaks past Kansas City, 149-139 Photo by Danforth Johnson. facebook.com/danforth.johnson

ST. PAUL, MN– The last time Kansas City and Demolition City matched up it looked a bit different. The KC Roller Warriors were ranked #45 at Playoffs in Cleveland while Demolition City was #50, and they were playing for 1st. Now playing for 3rd Place in Division 2 overall, their rosters varied from before; no tournament MVP Bruz-Her on skates for KC and Dynamite Doll’s jammer Lickety-Splint hadn’t skated all weekend. Demo’s Playoff performance also pushed them up 21 places in the rankings to #29 while Kansas City rose to #34.

In Cleveland, Demolition City scored the first points before Kansas City took over a quarter of the way in, and held a short lead until they won by 29 points. This time however, Kansas City took the first 3 points, then Demolition City tied it with 3 of their own and they held the lead until it got traded back and forth in the final quarter of the game. Lead calls and penalties were a problem for KC, and when Bambi ThumpHer got lead and Track Rat sat in the box in the final minutes, Demolition City added 10 points and ran out the clock for their 3rd Place win, 149-139.

With no Mary Lou Wretched or A P Leasure (Reptar) in their lineup, Kansas City relied heavily on JessiKaboom and Case Closed, but had Track Rat and Turtle Power to add into the rotation as well. Case Closed took the track first against Bambi ThumpHer, and Kansas City was able to hold on to Bambi with their back wall. They picked up 3 quick points and called the jam. Enigma took the first penalty of the game with a forearm, and she would end the game in the box as well, fouling out while playing 73% of the game.

In the second jam, both Hurtz Donut and JessiKaboom got recycled to the back, but Donut took advantage of the pack while it was still out of formation and earned lead status quickly. In the speeding pack she was able to pick up 3 for Demolition City, putting the game at it’s first tie.

Demolition City focused mainly on two jammers as well, Bambi ThumpHer and Hurtz Donut, while Godjilla saw more jam time than Playoffs. Their blockers clung tightly to Kansas City, helping Demo jammers to 9 points in four different jams and forcing KC to pass the star. The Roller Warriors were able to add 10 total points, but after 12 minutes, the Dynamite Dolls had worked up a 35-10 lead.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

When Kansas City could hold their strong back wall and stick together, they could slow down Bambi and recycle her again and again, but when she found space and speed she could easily out maneuver KC blockers. The Warriors used that blocking strength against Godjlla however, ending Demo’s scoring run and allowing Case Closed to pick up 14 points, tightening the score to 37-24, still in Demolition City’s favor.

After that JessiKaboom’s penalty woes began and in a fast, chaotic pack she sat in the box with a forearm while chasing down Bambi who had lead status. Kansas City defense helped kill the penalty, so Bambi called the jam to set up their double threat, Stepheree, with a power start. They hoped that she would add cushion to their lead since she was their highest scorer against Demo in Cleveland, but she could only manage 3 points.

Demolition City used star pass strategy when Turtle Power got lead next, but the KC bench motioned her to keep going while Bangs Mccoy was in the star, resulting in a 18-8 jam. Case Closed added a grand slam after that and it brought it to a 1-point game, still in Demolition City’s favor, 48-47 with 9 minutes to go.

Annie Maul made a return to the Kansas City roster for Champs, and she helped send Bambi ThumpHer to the box, giving them a power jam. JessiKaboom got knocked around in the pack by Shelby N. Pain and Flex A. Belle and after falling to the inside she must have thought the initiator stepped out because she hopped on the track, receiving a cut of her own. Bambi picked up two grand slams in the full length jam, and Boom picked up her 3rd penalty with another cut. Hurtz Donut got lead quickly in the following power start, and increased Demolition City lead to 73-47 with 3 minutes left in the half.

Before the half ended, Kansas City got their own power jam while Godjilla sat with a back block, and Track Rat put up 10. With 3 more going to Hurtz Donut and Demolition City, they went into halftime ahead 76-57. At this point Case Closed topped Kansas City’s jamming with 22 points, and Hurtz Donut earned 31 of Demolition’s score.  Flex A. Belle had 4 penalties already, and JessiKaboom ended the half with a total of 4.

At the start of the second half, the Bambi/Donut duo added 3 and 6 points, but then Godjilla ended up in the box giving Kansas City a power jam. Turtle Power passed the star to Rump Wrecker, and with offense by Foxxi Brown she was able to add 2 grand slams to their total. Holding Demolition City scoreless for 3 more jams, Kansas City came within 5 points and started the next jam with a power start. Both jammers ended up scoring however, as Kansas City burned time to get their blockers out of the box.

For the next ten minutes the two teams traded scoring, even though Demolition was picking up more lead calls, and Kansas City snuck in points as they could. The Roller Warrior walls were also holding solidly at the back again when Demo jammers returned to score, keeping them to 0 or 1 point. With 6 minutes left Kansas City’s persistence tied the score up at 113.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

JessiKaboom pushed Kansas City into the lead with a grand slam while her blockers recycled Hurtz Donut. With more blocker penalties, Track Rat burned time to get them out of the box and control the period clock, finishing just 4 points further after 16-12 jam. Boom returned to jam but ended up with her 5th penalty after being forced on a cut. Godjilla struggled against Rump Wrecker and Annie Maul. After Boom returned a tangle skaters ended with both jammers on the floor, JessiKaboom landing on Godjilla’s skate.

With Kansas City ahead 139-130, Demolition City’s blockers took the back and secured the boundary lines, not letting Case Closed sneak out. Hurtz Donut escaped instead and sped around the outside to picked up a grand slam and picked up 4 more before KC’s star pass forced the call.

That tied up the score at 139 and with under 2 minutes left in the game, lead jammer status was a very important factor in who could control the final jam. That power went to Bambi ThumpHer and after briefly getting recycled in the pack again, she sped out as 3 Kansas City blockers went in and out of the penalty box. Bangs Mccoy and Shelby N. Pain swarmed Track Rat, and after forcing her into a cut, Bambi calmly added 2 grand slams and called it off. With the clock at 0, Demolition City took revenge on Kansas City’s Playoff victory by taking 3rd place in Division 2 by 10 points, 149-139.

Enigma was the only skater to foul out for Kansas City, but Steel Stitches, Flex A. Belle and Stepheree, three of Demolition’s power house blockers, fouled out in the last couple jams. Case Closed was KC’s top scorer with 48 points while Bambi ThumpHer’s quick feet took her to 66 points for Demolition City.

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